Use Web Conferences to Weather the Economic Slowdown

On Thursday October 16th, CNBC’s The Big Idea had a spectacular guest, Jim Cramer, an investment guru who provides great assistance to average, blue-collar individual investors. What Jim made clear throughout the program was that this looming recession will be deep and lengthy. A few callers during the program really stood out, however. Without going into details, Mr. Cramer’s message came across quite clearly: fight with everything to keep your American Dream alive. Quote Stork Solutions provides more than just surface motivation or product recommendations; it provides tangible solutions to help you keep your Dream alive.

For some folks including one caller in particular who expected to see just 20% of his forecasted sales this year (a sad reality that essentially wiped out decades of hard work), this fight has meant cutting into the payroll and laying of a large percentage of employees. Of course, reducing expenses is an important component to any business plan and at times like this, Reduce has heightened importance especially with respect to a venture’s long-term survival.

Beware, however that the Reduction game alone will not guarantee survival. One aspect to any business that often gets overlooked at times like this is business development — if companies plan on surviving, they will need customers at the end of a recession. How do small businesses and entrepreneurs continue to reach prospects and broad audiences with as little expense as possible?

Through web conferences. A lot of businesses and entrepreneurs have probably hosted seminars for their existing and new customers. These events might have been called open houses, information nights, or some other niche name. They might have hosted them at a central location like the business premises, a restaurant, or, most commonly, at a hotel ballroom.

A web conference provides a great cost alternative to existing seminar methods. With the right web conference service, you can eliminate the costs associated with a room rental. No longer will you need to pre-book rooms months in advance and risk losing a deposit should the event fall through as a result of a lack of participation.

Another benefit to you is that you won’t feel that terrible sinking feeling when confirmed attendees fail to show up; with a web conference, your attendees won’t see empty chairs. In fact, attendees won’t know whether 1,000 people confirmed and only 10 showed up, or whether 10 were invited and all 10 showed up.

The easiest to use web conference provider on the market today is GoToMeeting which allows you to host up to 15 attendees for as little as $39 per month. This provider uses 128-bit encryption making your meetings extremely secure and safe from prying competitor eyes. The way it works is you send attendees an invitation (GoToMeeting integrates Outlook and Instant Messenger) and then the link to your web conference. Attendees sign in and listen to and watch your desk-top presentation on their computer. At your choice, you can allow interaction. GoToMeeting gives you unlimited meetings and can be accessed from any web-enabled computer. For larger groups, GoToWebinar by the same company can host up to 1,500 attendees for a slightly higher price.

Currently, you can enjoy a free trial of GoToMeeting and through ProBusinessReview and, you can enjoy an additional $10 off. For web conferences of groups greater than 15, you should consider GoToWebinar by the same provider.

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