Building Relationships and List Building Is Where You Should Start

A question I am often asked is the following; if you do not have real big pocket book but you want to start bringing in revenue for your business what is the most cost efficient way to get started?

Everyone’s situation is different, so there is no easy answer or clear cut method. In this article I will give you insights and ideas as I built my business when I was deep in student debt.

Coming from just graduating university, I didn’t have any money, contacts or experience marketing products. When I am in a desperate situation, that is when I become the most creative. My situation left me desperate, which gave my a huge opportunity to be extremely creative. This is exactly what I encourage you to tap into.

When you are getting started, you have to find creative ways to get people’s attention. You have to find creative ways to build relationships. You have to find creative ways to create products. You have to find creative ways to market those products.

This is really a great opportunity for you to build momentum from your creativity and use it in an effective way. You should really think about what is important to you at this time. Is generating revenue important? Building a list? Creating products?

You have to really get focused on what it is that you need at this particular time in your career and then start utilizing your creativity to maximize that. So for me in the beginning, was revenue important? Yes, but it was not as important as building a profitable business for the long term.

I was willing to sacrifice early profits for long-term gains and the way I did that was I gave a lot of my time in exchange for products, in exchange for services, in exchange for JV opportunities, in exchange for all kinds of thing.

Time is what I did have, so I used that to its full potential. I volunteered at numerous events, I did marketing for people, I wrote for people. Anything I could do to help build relationships with key people I did.

So in the beginning, you have to work a little bit harder and you have got to be a little bit more creative in order to get what it is that you want, but you got to know exactly what it is that you want.

The problem for many is they don’t do this, then they end up going in circles. When you are starting out I really want to encourage you to really think about what you are looking to do. Do you want to generate revenue? If yest, find creative methods to generate revenue in a short period of time.

If building relationships seems more important to you to be able to your long-term profitability, the use your creativity to find ways to connect with key people. Build those relationships for your future success.

Everything really boils down to what you want to be focused on at the start. Building your list may be important to you, so find creative ways to build that list and focus on that. Building relationships and getting building your list is important to start off with in my opinon, because that is what will carry you on in the future.

When starting your business off on a tight budget, you really have to focus down into what you are looking to do and accomplish. Secondly, really tap into your creativity, it will move you beyond your excuse of not having money to do something and help you find alternative solutions to get by. It may take a little longer or seem different, but once you find your creative side the end is limitless.

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