Erin Cureton: How to Form a Team to Buy and Sell Foreclosed Homes

Buying Realtor You want to find a realator who specializes in selling foreclosed properties for banks. These realtors work for one or more banks. They work on a volume basis they have to turn multiple properties a month to make a profit. Ask for people who buy and sell houses which realtors are in this business.

Mortgage Professional Find a mortgage broker who will work with you. A young broker is likely to be able to spend more time with you, one with experience will likely ad wisdom to the team. It is important they have the skill and desire to get you the lowest rates, and to close quickly.

Selling Realtor If you get the right buying realtor, they won’t have time to sell your home. They are too busy with their bank contracts. The key is to find an agent who is honest with you to price your home correctly to ensure a sale. You need a selling agent that is well versed in your city, or even in your neighborhood. Mortgage, taxes and utility payments can easily run into the thousands of dollars and cost you time gong towards your next project. Time is money when you are flipping a house. Price it wrong and you could carry a property months longer than you should.

Home Inspector A good home inspector can keep you from making a big mistake. Simple tests can keep you from buying a home with a mold or asbestos problem. It is better to find out now than after you spend twenty thousand remodeling the home.

Contractor As the investor, a lot of what you need to know to buy wisely is learned by working with your contractor. The contractor controls the pace of work. The contractor also spends your money for you. They help you to develop and adhere to a budget. Some people walk into an investment property, see holes in the walls and ceilings, and get scared off. I walk in, see those same holes, and know that for $400-$1,000 there are no more holes in the walls, the plumbing is repaired and I can move onto another phase of my renovation.

Suppliers If you decide that you are going to make a living flipping houses, here’s a hint: Don’t buy retail! Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes charges 20-40% markups for nearly every product on their shelves. To save money on supplies, you need to find a wholesaler and establish an account with them.. Typically you can find a wholesaler by Googling for it or in the phone book under Building Supplies – Wholesale. To get an account, you need a company name, a credit card and a bank account, that’s it.

CPA Now is not the time to buy TurboTax or do your own 1040EZ. In fact the 1040 will never be EZ again. You have profit and loss from outside of your normal job. You will need the help and experience of a CPA who is familiar with real estate investing. Also, don’t wait until tax time to find your CPA. Find one early, interview them and get their advice months ahead of time. This will make the tax season a whole lot easier and less stressful.

Attorney If you buy a commercial building a real estate attorney is a must. Not always an essential member of the real estate team, a real estate attorney can help you avoid some land mines as you grow your business. They can help you decide whether you should incorporate, form an LLC or go it alone as a sole proprietor.

Insurance Agent Are you covered in case of loss from fire, flood, theft, or injured workers/ tenants. If your policy leaves you exposed in any one of these major areas, your work could all be done for nothing. An agent you know and trust will help you sleep better at night.

Friends & Family Two of my favorite words. They will give you advice which is often good. If you feed them well, provide a frosty beverage or two, and don’t overwork them, the friends and family work crew will have fun, make your job more fun and most importantly work for free. Jobs like light demolition, painting, cleanup and many yard projects can be handled by anyone who owns a home.

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