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Even if you never got into playing sports, I’ll bet you know the old saying, that two heads are better than one. Well, it only makes perfect sense then that many heads, are even better. One thing to know is, there is a team out there, for those interested, called Team Diamond. Team Diamond is a collection of people, who want you to be successful, and achieve your own financial freedom. This incredible group of people, who are already very successful, and have been for years, work with the most brilliant online company, period…… MOR Vacations.

The first two pillars of this unparalleled business opportunity are Jim Loreto, and Rob Franta, They are just two, of the many, very successful people, in this company who want to share their success with anyone, who will accept them as a mentor. This is one of the things, that separates Team Diamond from other teams out there. The only thing you need, is the determined desire to change your life for the better, forever. There absolutely, no need to worry, that you may not be able to succeed, because of your sex, or color, or age, or especially, your current place on the world’s financial ladder.

Now, have you ever seen a movie about an underdog team or person, that with a solidly determined focus, upset the reigning champions? (Rocky Balboa, and the “Rocky” movies comes to mind). If you ever saw ant of them, or any other movie like them, then you already know, that it is determination, that decides success, and that everyone, without exception, has to struggle to achieve their goals. The difference between attaining your goals, and just struggling, is one of being consistent with your efforts. Team Diamond can do only so much. It is you, and you alone, that will achieve, or not achieve,even though all the tools you could need, are available for you.

Something else that I should mention is, that unlike a sports team, MOR Vacations and Team Diamond are not competing with any other team. In point of fact, the only competition is your own “bad habits”. Imagine, if you are a professional player in the NBA, or NHL, or even the PGA, and you hear a heckler. You are going to fail if you listen to them and take their words into your heart. Guess what… it isn’t going to be your best game. Instead, when you hear that voice of doubt, or fear, just let it drive you to try harder. Then success will come. As the great Tiger Woods once said “You can always become better.”

I have had my fair share of struggles, for sure . I had severe asthma as a child, and it still lingers to this day, but with a determination that came straight from my heart, I now have a black belt in karate, and can participate in any physical activity I want, and be successful at it. As a child, I would often watch other kids play, and wish that I could to join them. One day though, I just had enough of being on the sidelines, and started exercising. It was very difficult. I often had to stop, and just breathe, but I never quit. I know that everybody out there has the same potential, and I do want to see people succeed. But I also know that only you can do the things you need to do. Nobody else can do it for you.

Though it may hurt to see people struggle in a way that seems to me to be unnecessary, I choose to look for those who have a desire to get more out of life. If you are such a person, then I want to help you. In fact, Team Diamond and MOR Vacations want to help you. There is no, “I’ll do it tomorrow”. You must decide that right now, you will strive for success, and never give up. Along the way, look to one of those teams like the Mighty Ducks, or to people like Dani Johnson, who prove without any room for doubt, or debate, that it can be done. You can become financially free. That can mean many things to many people, but the method to do so, is here, with Team Diamond…. just waiting for you to use it.

Thank you and good luck. Lucas Trottier

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