How a Phone Word Can Make you Thousands of Dollars

Want to increase your customers by 1400%? Get a phoneword.

Hm What are phonewords? And do they make money? Oh. Yes. They do. But know what phone words are first. Phone words are the alphanumeric equivalent of a numeric telephone number. Phone words are made up from the various letters of the alphabet that correspond to particular numbers on a telephone keypad. These letters can form a word, a partial word, an acronym, abbreviation, or an alphanumeric combination.

Lets use an example to understand it better. We are aware that all businesses have a top priority that is a top of the mind recall for a product or a service. For instance, the McDonald’s wants you all to think of them as soon as you think of burgers. Imagine that you dial 1800 BURGER and it rings at McDonalds! Wouldn’t it be great? This will also be a simple solution to two problems. The first one is of remembering numbers. It will be easier to dial 1800 BURGER when you want a burger rather than dialing 1800 345543 or any other longer number.

The other problem is of “association”. The combination 1800 BURGER has associated Burger and McDonald’s. So it also increases the brand association that is required by your business, by many folds.

There are other benefits too. Typically, phone word sellers make you exclusive owner of the phone word in the entire country. It doesn’t matter if all your customers are in a single postcode, multiple postcodes, an entire city or even the whole country! 100% of all calls originating from the territory you select are put through to your existing telephone line. This is particularly useful if you are working an online business – where your huge geographical reach isn’t wasted since you service only a small area.

Phone words are an economical and catchy way to communicate with your customers. Just by saying 1800 BURGER, your customers come to know what you do. It is self-explanatory. But it is interesting and fascinating. You don’t need plenty of words to give your message, only few are required.

Phone words also projects that your business is bigger, better and more professional than your competition. It is also a convenient way for you to enable word of mouth marketing. Isn’t it easy to remember and understand what1800 PENCIL or 1800 RENTAL mean?

Many businesses find it difficult to get the recall for their product or services. Phone words are indeed a simple and interesting way to remember it. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in creating ad campaigns and burning all your profits in billboards etc.

You will receive more calls than others, if people remember you. The ‘stickiness’ of your product or services gets increased with the phone words. It means more savings and more earnings. Every call received not only increases in your profits, utilizations of your assets and people but it does a lot more for the benefit of your business. According to a research, your lead generation can increase by 14 times with the use of phone words. So you can get 14 times more customers than the present ones. Why are you still sitting there? Get up and get a phone word right now!

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