Vantage Point Consulting on Customer Service: 6 Tips

Do you keep losing customers to poor customer service? Get them back and stop losing them with these great customer service tips from Vantage Point Consulting (Columbus, OH). The company represents national companies to the local market in all facets of sales and customer service. The tips in this article come from their training program and are focused on adding value with every interaction with customers and prospects. Get great at servicing your customers by having great customer service.

Customer service utilizes empathy, not sympathy. Whether it is business-to-business, retail, or business-to-consumer, you need to stick with what works. You are selling your product so this requires establishing a rapport with your potential customer and existing customer. Find the best way to correct whatever oversight was made and push ahead. This exercise calls for listening skills and quick thinking. Vantage Point Consulting Inc says to remember this is a relationship, albeit a professional one, but nevertheless what you do will reflect on how you represent your company, their word and the products you offer.

Vantage Point Consulting also recommends a high degree of LISTENING to the customer. Customer service is just thata SERVICE. Don’t feel like your job is to be pushed around or to be a punching bag (metaphorically of course). Your job is to listen and make it right. Forget the up-sale for a minute. Your job is to sell the costumer on your service at that time. Just listen to them. Let them speak and make appropriate body movements and body language that prove you are listening. Then suggest some possible solutions.

In retaining customers, Vantage Point Consulting Inc always suggests to take the extra step. If you are ever wondering if you should or should not go the extra mile for just this one customerDO IT. Immediate profit isn’t the focus. Long term profit is the focus. Getting future word-of-mouth recommendations and credibility is at stake any time someone has a problem or complaint regarding your services or products.

Deal with the complaints. I know no one likes hearing people complaining and many of us at Vantage Point have that old reflex that kicks in – shoulders shrugging that says, “You can’t please everybody all the time.” Now, while this may be true it does not excuse you from not doing your job. Vantage Point says to give the complaint your full attention and you will please a person at a time and you position your business to reap the benefits.

Customer service should not only deal with customers, but with co-workers as well. Playing nice is something that we all learned in kindergarten, but how quickly we forget. If you are in a bad mood or treat others unfairly at work, it will show in your performance. Vantage Point Consulting in Columbus, OH focuses on everyone chipping in to help everyone out. This shines through in the staff’s work and continued success.

Product knowledge, product knowledge, product knowledge. Nothing is more frustrating than getting transferred to a million different departments when trying to get help with something. I know that for me, if I call a company and want a solutionI don’t want to get bounced around to everyone else trying to pass the buck, so to speak. Know your products inside and out to further service your customers.

Need to scale up your customer service? Get more information from Vantage Point Consulting Columbus OH and customer service tips at Vantage Point Reviews.

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