What the Oil Companies don’t want you to know about Free Gas!

Free Gas Giveaway’s by Oil Companies are a great opportunity to receive gas but here are some secrets the Oil Companies do not want you to know. They can still giveaway $150 in Free Gas and make a profit!

The loyalty program is simple. Visit one Oil Brand month after month and spend at least $100 in fuel (not too hard these days) and they will send you a $25 Gas Card in the mail each month. There are no obligations with these gas cards except you have to use them at the Oil Brand stations.

For $150 Gas Giveaway that is 6 months ($600 ) of revenue they collected from the consumer and only send out $150 in Gas Cards. They also realize you are going to spend your $25 gas card back at their brand month after month.

The marketing company who sends out the $25 Gas Cards each month understand the consumer is waiting on the envelope so it will have 100% open rate. By selling advertisements to be included in that envelope the expense of the mailings and gas cards is eliminated and actually turned into a profit.

What if one of the offers in the envelope was for a credit card? Credit card companies pay up to $200 for each approved application of a credit card. So let’s say 10 out of a 100 people that receive the gas card also apply for a credit card that means that company just received another $2000 on their free gas giveaway.

Start adding up all the different areas where the Oil Brands can make money on their free gas giveaway and you can start to see why it makes Financial Sense for a loyalty program. This program is great for consumers because they are going to spend money on fuel anyway why not receive $25 back each month?

Businesses are using the loyalty program to attract new prospects or get existing customers to purchase other products. This is truly a Win/Win for the consumer and the business because of the simple structure of the program. No Hoops and No Gimmicks just spend $100 month in Fuel and receive $25 Gas Card.

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