The Making of Business Barons: Strategic Planning

by Fabian Toulouse

Strategic planning is necessary if you want it to succeed in business. By planning ahead, typically one to five years ahead, you can steer your business decisions accordingly. This type of planning can also be utilized in your personal life, helping you manage your time and finances. While there are many plans to abide by, the elements of strategic planning remain the same.

The first step is to prioritize your mission and objectives. This is your starting point for determining a plan to make money. You have to know what you hope to gain and how you will obtain the goals. This is where environmental scanning may be important. This technique requires you to research your competition and the fluctuations of the market place.

Taking the process one step further is strategy formulation. This is where you will address the goals you have based on your business weaknesses ands strengths. Budgets, costs, contracts must all pass the muster. Your building sight may factor in considerably. If the land you want to develop has a specific zoning or restriction it may be rejected. Are all the construction costs accounted for as well? This is a critical step.

The next series of steps often blend into one another. The actual implementation of your revamped business strategy will be measured by a careful process of evaluation and control. Adjustments will indeed have to be made as the plan is corrected to address the demands and short-falls of the market. This is a sensitive process and many would-be business barons are made or broken during this phase.

Strategic planning, as a tactic, allows a company to make money based on a number of metrics. The variations of the market, how well your competitors are performing, the cost of raw materials, the cot of production, and new innovations are all essential to understanding the growth of and challenges to your business. It is not only the strategic planning that is critical. Successful implementation and monitoring will ultimately make or break your business model.

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