California Criminal Records And Background Check

Background checking has continued to be an integral part of an employee’s trials prior to employment. Such measures are performed routinely by all workplaces and companies all around the world. The main purpose of this action is to prevent potential liabilities in the workplace that can significantly blemish a company’s image. To adequately answer these demands, employers require potential candidates to present a copy of their arrest records.

The reasoning behind the above procedures is that criminal records compile a person’s encounters with the Law. Infringements contained therein range from misdemeanors to felonies. Other background checking activities that utilize such registers include positions for public office, volunteer work, and the dispensation of government-issued documents such as professional licenses.

All information about a concurrent arrest made in the State of California is to be publicized. This is in observance of what is written in Section 6254(F) of the California Government Code. Once a court decision has been made, information about the particular arrest becomes part of the local criminal history, and is now restricted to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies. Arrestees in the State of California can obtain their own records of arrest for the sole purpose of reviewing its accuracy and completeness.

Parties not included in the statute above are nonetheless eligible for informational copies of arrest records in California. Informational copies contain the same amount of information as that of authorized or certified copies, but they are not effective documents to establish identity.

Procuring a print of your own arrest record for the aforementioned reason caps off with the acquisition of a Request for Live Scan Form from the official website of the California Department of Justice. This form is presented prior to the administration of an electronic fingerprint scan by any Law Enforcement agency or independent service providers. In the form, look for the item called, “Record Review” in the “Type of Application” section and place a check on it. Next is to enter the same term in the “Reason for Application” part of the form. Finally, you must complete the information asked of you in the form. Once your fingerprints have been scanned electronically, send them, along with the standard payment of $25.00 by check or money order payable to the mentioned office and state department. The average turnaround time per request is around a few weeks to a few days, and is still dependent on the volume of requests they are catering. Furthermore, third party requests will not be entertained nor processed.

Accomplishing the task of obtaining arrest records together with other public records is now easier thanks to today’s technology that greatly harnesses the power of the Internet. Simply visit the websites of government agencies or public records retrieval solutions and pull out a quick search in their database. Using such alternatives, one can obtain any desired document at the shortest possible amount of time, without compromising quality.

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