Cognitive Robotics And The Different Kinds Of Application

Robotics deals with the designing, constructing, operating and using robots including the computer systems used to control and process information. These robots are programmable machines capable of doing complex actions as a substitute for humans. They are useful for any situation and purpose such as in dangerous environments and manufacturing procedures.

Numerous engineers along with numerous scientists are developing robots that have capabilities and functions more advanced than now. An example of this is cognitive robotics that is giving them an ability in dealing with their environment and learn from these different experiences accordingly. The following are some of the applications in various aspects of society where they are used.

Industrial robots are used to perform tasks automatically and uniformly in manufacturing industries. They have articulated arms developed particularly for applications like painting, welding, material handling and others. Using them increases the speed of producing items and the quantity of the items being produced resulting in a much cheaper product when compare to those made from human hands only. This is because one of them can make what many humans can.

Domestic or household use designed to perform different house chores specially for people with busy schedules. They are usually used for automatically cleaning different areas of the house including gutters and pools. There also are those for security purposes determining if there are intruders in the house and alerting the owners of this possibility.

For producing medicines and other uses inside medical institutions that helps in curing people with their disability or illness. They could be used to perform surgery by assisting the surgeons during complex procedures and also in carefully lifting patients. Nano robots are also being developed which would be injected to your body and fight viruses off and fix internal tissues and organs.

For military purposes which are tasked in doing transportation, bomb disposal and scouting through reconnaissance drones. Some of these could be remotely controlled in another place in fighting enemy forces and firing ammunition. Often those that are created for these may be useful in another related field like search and rescue and law enforcement.

For space exploration specially to those places that are farther and more dangerous for humans to travel. They are better at doing these things because of their ability to survive and function at almost every condition. If humans will be sent to those places then there is the problem of sending them back and bringing the necessary things for them to survive.

For hobbies and competitions usually created by enthusiasts for entertainment such as toys or as educational aide. Most are being made for fighting each other during competitions that gives winners prizes. There are other competitions available such as sports and racing that can be played together with others or aides for students to be educated in certain topics such as computer programming.

Service robots are what you call those that falls into no specific kind based on the application. They are for research, gathering date and show new technologies off or some other things previously not mentioned. Some are even possible to be under different categories at the same time depending on the purposes they were designed by the developers.

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