Creating A Cycle of Giving And Abundance

You have heard all your life that it is better to give than to receive – but why? The answer is simple; the more that you give, the more you will receive. Abundance and success are the return for the unconditional gifts you make.

Unconditional giving is giving because you want to give, not that you feel like you have some sort of obligation to give.

When you give unconditionally, you are putting the law of giving and receiving into action and will reap the benefits by drawing abundance and success to yourself.

There are both scientific and spiritual bases for this universal law of giving.

The Spiritual basis of The Law of Giving and Receiving:
Whatever you sow, you will also reap. -Galatians 6:7

The Scientific basis of The Law of Giving and Receiving:
For every action, there will always be an equal or even opposite reaction -Isaac Newton’s Law of Motion.

Reasons People Resist Giving:
There are many who are reluctant to give because they feel like they will not be left with enough for themselves. In most cases, this comes from a self-imposed limitation in their thinking which leads them to feel a sense of scarcity where it may well not exist.

The spiritual basis of the law of giving and receiving is that if you give nothing, you will gain nothing.

The scientific basis tells us that we cannot expect a reaction if we have not taken action ourselves.

There are those who do not give because they fear they will be left with nothing if they do – and these people will of course get nothing in return and fail to grow and develop.

There are those that give a little because they fear if they give too much there won’t be enough left. Again, this comes from limited thinking and perceptions of lack and scarcity. The person that gives a little will only receive a little.

Still others understand the basis of the law of giving and receiving, but only give with the expectation of getting something in return.

Those who give out of selfishness learn that just as with gravity, you can’t really bend the rules of the law of giving. You must give unconditionally to make the law work for you.

Start Giving From the Heart:
When you implement the Law of Giving and Receiving in your daily life, you immediately experience a liberating awareness of abundance. You realize that you can give freely without fear of ever over extending yourself or experiencing lack and scarcity.

When you give unconditionally, you will start to see yourself in others and develop a deeper sense of empathy. You will learn to love others as you love yourself; it’s a truly spiritual experience.

You’ll be able to get in touch with what others need which will teach you to give of yourself freely and with out conditions or expectations.

Giving from the heart sets off a chain reaction of events including inspiring others to give also, which ultimately creates a circle of giving.

Giving Produces Spiritual and Personal Growth:
When you give unconditionally you build faith in yourself, in others and the entire world. Some describe it as a religious experience; it is certainly a spiritual feeling.

The more you give, the more you receive. You’ll see the benefits, which will include love and joy.

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