Customer Relationship Management

by Washington Butler

What information do I need to install Microsoft Customer Relationship Management software? Note: Applies to Retail/MSDN Direct customers only.

Im looking for a way to grow my relationships with customers. How can you help? ACT! is the best tool for helping to manage and grow your relationships with your customers. Because ACT! tracks all contact information, including calls, meetings, and to-dos within each contact record, you have immediate access to all the information about each customer. In addition, you can add notes to any contact, which would help you keep track of personal information like the names of the spouse and kids.Yes, the backbone of strong CRM is customer service. Loyalty Card programs allow companies to reach customers and personalize service at numerous ‘touch points’ including point-of-sale and the call center. A Loyalty Card can also act as the tool to track and record the history of the customer relationship, retail or otherwise.Yes.

top of page] Why Do We Need Barracuda? If you are looking for a customer relationship management system that doesn’t cost a king’s ransom, or need an army of techies and specialists to get it installed, something that your staff will find easy to learn and use; a system that runs on industry standard computer platforms and provides a swag of functionality, then you probably need Barracuda.

I already use Outlook and a Palm Pilot, what more could ACT! do for me? Outlook and Palm are Personal Information Management applications, and are good for keeping simple contact information. Yet, because those applications are not relational databases, you cannot see the total view of the contact. Only ACT! offers that integrated, comprehensive, and flexible view of your data. You do not have to give up on the tools you use now though, ACT! is designed to integrate and share data with both Outlook and common PDA devices like Palm and Pocket PC.ProTime CRM is very flexible as it is, but should you wish to customize the system we can make the necessary modifications to meet your needs. If you would like more information please contact us to discuss your requirements.Note: Applies to Retail/MSDN Direct customers only.

Is Customer Relationship Management Right for your Small to Mid-sized Business? Customer Service Knowledgebase Q & A new Customer Service Discussion List Customer Service Library Online Editor’s Note: The basic concepts behind customer relationship management aren’t new, and they apply to any business large or small, even though CRM is often associated with huge software implementations in large companies.ProTime’s CRM System can help you save time and make money by improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Protime allows you and your staff, whatever their location, to access and manage the contacts, activities and products at the heart of your business. Our flexible price structure is designed to suit a wide range of customer requirements. You can start with our basic package and add additional features as your business needs develop.

What kind of hardware and software do I need to use ProTime CRM? an Internet-based system, ProTime runs on any computer with a Web browser installed, regardless of its operating system.The process, methodologies, software, and Internet capabilities that help a company manage its customer relationships in an efficient and well-organized manner. The CRM’s main purpose is to help your business use technology and human resources to gain insight into customer behavior and value in order to enhance stronger relationships.

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