Deciding A Baby Sitter For Your Childrens

Not many things are more upsetting than discovering that your child has been abused, in any way, by your babysitter. People think that to be a babysitter means you must be a nice person. WRONG! Some of the nicest people turned out to be Serial Killers, so don’t ever give a Babysitter the benefit of the doubt. Unless you have a good friend and neighbor who happens to be an experienced nanny, the best place to go for prospective childcare providers are nanny agencies. These agencies usually perform preliminary background checks – education, experience, personal references, and even psychological testing – copies of which should be forwarded to you.

The person should be responsible, likes kids, be able to have fun, and still know when it is time to be serious Like any other employer, the interview portion of the hiring process is very important. You can gauge the nanny’s personality and professionalism with a comprehensive interview, which will play a significant role in your final decision. With a little help from your hidden nanny cam, you can replay the interview to reinforce or reject your initial choice. Usually, a more experienced and educated nanny should be preferred especially when her work experience indicates that she stayed with one family for an extended period.

You can even ask her about her experience with a hidden nanny cam, her position about its presence, and how she dealt with it. This way, you will know if you will have problems in this area. You have to look for a nanny who exhibits maturity and a diversity of interests, not a child lurking within a woman’s body. Since even the most high-tech hidden nanny cam can follow her on her outside activities. You also need to raise the matter of functions, duties and responsibilities you expect the applicant to fulfill if and when she is hired as your nanny.

He or she should be able to communicate well so your child can build his or her language skills. Your caregiver should respect your philosophy of child rearing and understand that you are the ultimate authority for making decisions about the care of your child. He or she also needs to guide your child’s behavior with positive reinforcement rather than physical punishment. Even if you work with a child-care agency that prescreens candidates, you should participate in the screening process. First, screen candidates over the phone to eliminate those who don’t seem right.

Listen to your gut feeling, even if you are under the gun because you need help immediately. Ask whether or not they’re available the hours you need them, their salary needs, how long they can commit to the job, what interests them about child care, what kind of work they have done in the past, and when they can start. Invite the best candidates to your home for an interview. Some parents develop a job application form to make the hiring process more formal and professional. Once you have a candidate in mind, contact at least three former employers and three personal references. Ask former employers about the candidate’s responsibilities, his or her strengths and weaknesses and the ages of the children that they have worked with.

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