Developing And Introducing A Money Making WSO

You should know something about the Warrior Forum even if you’re relatively new to marketing on the web. At this point it has become more than a forum because of the relationships that are formed there. This is because this particular forum is the best place for Internet Marketers to meet and talk about what they do online.

The most popular section of the forum, by far, is the WSO (or Warrior Special Offers) board. Your product or service needs to be made by you, and then you have to sell it at a reduced price. If you want to do that, then see what’s in the rest of this article about cash generating WSOs.

There are important guidelines to abide by for a WSO, plus you have to pay a fee to get a listing. The Warrior Forum admin expects everybody to read and heed the rules for all parts of the forum. Those who obviously are breaking the guidelines and rules may get banned depending on the nature of the infraction. If you are not sure about what to do, then simply look through the WSO section and see what is hot. There are so many things you can do with a WSO, but the bottom line is people want to make money. Always try to give people the greatest amount of value possible and of course instantly available is best. Another thing that people are very used to seeing are bonuses, and avoid offering crappy PLR bonuses. It’s great to surprise people with a bonus, but it has to be very strong to get that response. This is just one small part of making a successful WSO, and there are other parts as well.

WSOs are taken very seriously and they are put together just as well as the best Clickbank sales letters, etc. The performance of your WSO will depend directly on the quality of your marketing and sales communication.

It is fine to spend time examining the sales copy of others, but it is still almost useless if you do not learn something about writing copy. Also do not be shy about learning about the copy creators for the WSOs you like. Never spend cheaply for a copywriter because this is where you get what you pay for.

Yes, of course the Warrior Forum is popular among the IM crowd. The Warrior Special Offers board (or WSO board) is the center of that haven. If you can put good products and services together, you can make six figures a year from the WSO forum. Use these tips to help you make sure that the next WSO you run is a rousing success.

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