Diamonds In The Rough: How To Find And Hire A Good Moving Contractor

In finding a good moving contractor, you have to decide which one meets your needs. You decide someone who can meet your criteria. Here are friendly tips that can guide you in the process of choosing a good moving contractor.

Ask your moving contractor if they have ever been sued by a previous client. If the moving contractor has been sued don’t take that as a problem until you find out the reason. The moving contractor could have been sued for a reason which they had no control over the situation or they could have been sued because they messed up a job.

Choose a moving contractor that speaks your language. A moving contractor that does not fully understand or speak English when it is your primary language could create a problem. This is not to say quality work would not be done, but it may make any issues that arise harder to solve.

Have them convince you why they will put customer satisfaction first and ask how they will maintain consistent quality for the duration of the project. Require that they submit daily progress reports so they know you are serious about quality control. Ask for references and contact all of them to make sure they actually think highly of them.

Look in the phone book for a good general moving contractor. They are listed under “home improvement” or “home repairs” typically. This is a good starting point for people who are new to an area and aren’t familiar with local businesses.

Check to see if the moving contractor is listed with a local trade association. If the moving contractor is, that is a mark in their favor because that means they are committed to mover development and/or have already been prescreened. Make sure the moving contractor is bonded and insured so safety finances are worry free.

Some states require a moving contractor to offer you 3 days to change your mind after you signed a contract to hire them. Check to see if this is the case in your state. Some states only require the 3 days if the contract was not signed in the moving contractors place of business.

A general moving contractor license is required if the moving contractor plans to hire other sub-contractors to complete the work on jobs they acquire. There are other types of moving contractor licenses but they are all specific to trades. For example, an electrician has to be a licensed electrical moving contractor.

Allow adequate time to review your moving contractors work. 20 to 30 percent of the time of a report is undertaken at the review stage. Make sure you allow for this.

Hiring a moving contractor just because they are family is not a great idea. You should only hire a moving contractor based on their qualifications and not their familial status.

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