Do you know the Main Hyponatremia Symptoms?

Hyponatremia is a condition as soon as the sodium level elsewhere in the body is below normal. Regular sodium level should vary 135 mEq/L – 145 mEq/L. Low sodium level usually success from several conditions this type of kidney problems, excessive content of water without suitable sodium replacement during activity, and other medical conditions just like SIADH (syndrome of incompatible anti-diuretic hormone). If that you’re an athlete, a quite heavy drinker, or have failing liver or kidney problems, here are hyponatremia symptoms you’ll want to watch out for.

– Vomiting

– Vomiting

– Anorexia or shortage of appetite

– Restlessness not to mention irritability

– Muscle weakness, or cramps

– Stress

– Headache

– Confusion

– Lethargy

– Seizures

– Deteriorating degree consciousness

– Coma

Basing around the stated hyponatremia symptoms, the condition is indeed serious, and at some time, even fatal. Those who are of older age are developing risk of having hyponatremia because of the development of chronic diseases that include chronic renal failure as well as congestive heart failure that could alter the body’s capacity to retain sodium balance. Eating better that is low in sodium with high waters intake, and also abuse of beer along with other anti-diuretic beverages can also increase your risk in needing hyponatremia. You are also at risk of having hyponatremia if you choose to do extensive exercise training, marathons, and various other high-intensity activities while drinking a rediculous amount of water. A sports drink having adequate sodium content have to be consumed during these conditions to sodium lost through sweating in excess.

If you are taking medications along the lines of thiazide diuretics, anti-depressants, and pain medications that results to excessive urination and perspiration, always watch out to get hyponatremia symptoms for you are at risk from having hyponatremia. A notorious drug called Ecstasy will likely pre-dispose you to that has a severe form of hyponatremia that can be often fatal.

If you have several said conditions or getting certain drugs that lead to excessive excretion of flowing via urine or work, be on the keep for onset of hyponatremia symptoms. Ask your physician what diet can be appropriate for your condition to stop experiencing the condition. Should symptoms are noted, rush towards the hospital immediately.

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