Fall Means It Is Time For Your Household To Be Winterized

Almost everyone has heard about spring cleaning, but very few people know what it means to winterize your home. As soon as autumn arrives you should inspect your home’s readiness for the upcoming winter. At this time of year, with the foliage dying out, inspecting the house is easier, so you can tell if any shrubs are hanging onto the house. House siding is very easily damaged by roots and vines that cling to the exterior – even bricks aren’t immune – and they should be cleaned off.

Once you are done watering for the year, you need to drain all of the hose, and roll them up to be stored away. The water to the exterior faucets should be turned off, to make sure they can drain and get dry. When you believe that you won’t utilize the garden furniture once more that year, get it cleaned and stored in a dry place. If you have any trees that are still young, and especially those that have not endured a winter, shield them by placing mulch around the base of their stems. All water flow ditches really should be cleared so they can cope with any heavy rains.

Fireplaces pop into your head as soon as the weather starts getting colder. Try to get your chimney swept in time, before the first cold spell, because that’s generally when everyone wakes up and wants it done. If you are likely to need firewood, search for a source and create a good stock early. When you end up in a rural area, watch out for local residents selling firewood without advertising. If you make use of a fireplace in the winter, you should check all of your smoke alarms to make sure they are working. If you leave your Christmas lights in place for the whole year, check that the cords remain flexible. If you usually mount storm windows, the time has come to do it. Hot weather dries out weather-stripping, and so check if they need replacing.

The windows usually are seldom opened in winter, so it is necessary to check the condition of the filters in the range hood. Check the dirt around your house to make sure that it still slopes away. In case water goes on to drain into the basement, or the foundation, that can be bad news for your house. In the first instance it leads to wet rot, which could change to dry rot after some time, which you sincerely want to do without. Make the effort of examining, at regular time intervals, that water is not seeping into your home.

You must check for leaks, the most susceptible places being the roof, gutters, down-pipes and inside plumbing. It’s a given, but all the leaks must be repaired. Encapsulate any external pipes, undoubtedly so if your house is older, and minimize drafts by placing a cover over air-conditioning units. It is a good idea to shampoo the carpets and rugs, since dust is more noticeable in the winter. Wind up by cleaning the windows.

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