Filipina Domestic Helper Hong Kong – 7 Common Termination Causes

The relationship between an employer and a Filipina domestic helper in Hong Kong is bound by a contract. There are certain rules that you will have to comply with to keep your job. To be able to avoid this experience, here are 7 termination reasons that you should be aware of:

If you guaranteed a friend on a debt that she wasn’t able to pay, the collector will keep on bothering you. He will even call your employer’s home phone too often. When your employer gets annoyed by what’s going on, he might be forced to fire you out. Therefore, as much as you can, avoid signing up as a guarantor to anyone’s debt in Hong Kong.

Only a few may know but jealousy can be a cause of termination. If your employer’s wife starts becoming jealous of you, you can be terminated. This would likely happen to avoid complicating matters between you and your employer’s family.

Being able to communicate well can also be a reason for terminating a Filipina housemaid in Hong Kong. Sometimes, there will be elders in the house who can only speak Cantonese. If you do not know how to relate to that person, that may lead to employment problems.

Another problem that can lead to your termination is having an employer who will expect too much from you. He will terminate you if you will fall short of his expectations. For this reason, know what a potential employer expects from you before signing up a contract with him.

Disobedience is a great offense to employers. A disobedient maid will be terminated; therefore, make sure that you have an obedient attitude. Obedience is a virtue and every employer would like to see this character on their housemaids.

Stealing is not just a bad attitude. It is a crime as well. If you will be caught in this doing, your termination will come in a flash and you might have no choice but to serve a sentence in jail. There may be temptations in your employer’s house but keep in mind that your job and your dignity as a Filipina are more important than obtaining those items through theft.

Sometimes, the reason for getting terminated from your job is the sudden downfall of your employer. He may suddenly experience bankruptcy, demotion, termination and the likes. His financial status will serve as a big factor which will lead him to come up with the decision to give you up.

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