Free Marketing Tips for Your Online Home Based Business

by George L. Kenney

Making money in an online home business can be both fun and lucrative. One thing to consider before getting started is how you are going to market the business. I want to share some methods which are free as well as some which cost very little.

There are several free places where you can advertise online. Simply Google “free classified online ads” and you’ll find at least two dozen sites. This is a great place to start, just abide by each site’s rules.

Personal contact marketing costs very little and can be very rewarding. As you go through your day simply listen to what others are saying. When you hear someone complaining about their hours at work or the long commute give them a business card and tell them that you might have something for them. Wait for them to contact you, don’t ever chase people. If you see them at a later time you might want to follow up, but don’t chase them.

You can also place business cards on car doors. Place them on the driver’s side door above the door handle. Use a simple message which will catch someone’s eye in a hurry, for example, “Work from Home, Have Free Time, call 1 (800) 234 5678”. You’ll want to go to shopping malls or very large office complexes and distribute a large number at one time.

Road side signs will also get attention. These are the signs that you see during election time. If you Google lawn signs you’ll find them for as little as $1.00 each if you purchase 100. These can be very effective if placed at busy intersections. Use a simple, easy to read message like “Make Money Working at Home, 1 987 654 3210.”

Newspapers offer a low cost method of advertising when you consider the number of people you will reach. Choose a demographic which you feel comfortable with. You’ll want to keep the circulation below 200,000 for the best value price-wise.

You might decide to use magazine advertising. This is relatively low cost and can be very powerful. Keep in mind that a lot of people don’t throw magazines away for a long time so they have a longer time for people to see your ad and respond.

I wish you the best in your marketing, and hope these tips are helpful to you. Look for more ideas in future articles. Again, all the best and much success!

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