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One important step towards quality assurance in a work environment is to hire the most qualified employees. In doing so, applicants must undergo meticulous and rigid scrutiny before landing the job. This assessment process involves delving into the prospect’s previous deeds by performing a background check. In doing so, risks and other potential mishaps can be mitigated or forestalled, thereby preserving the image of the enterprise. To achieve this goal, employers seek out an applicant’s criminal or arrest records.

What makes arrest records a potent tool in performing the task mentioned is that these documents are a collection of a person’s past law-breaking actions, from simple violations to complicated and horrible criminal acts. Other notable uses for these registers include professional license allotment, and background checking of candidates for public office.

The task of maintaining, updating, distributing and protecting records of arrest has been appointed to various entities all around the country. In the State of Arizona, the Department of Public Safety assumes this responsibility. This is according to the Revised Arizona Statute 41-1750. Every individual arrested in the state is allowed to obtain a copy of their own arrest records for free. Only sanctioned individuals and companies, the Federal Government, and any concerned Law Enforcement entity are given access to these documents.

Getting a hold of a copy of your own Arizona arrest record is first done by requesting a records review packet from the Department of Public Safety. It contains everything one will need in order to successfully procure the arrest record that they are looking for. Its contents include a pre-addressed return envelope, a contact information sheet, directions in performing the requesting process, and a blank fingerprint card. In order to establish the identity of the requesting party, the contact information sheet and the fingerprint card must be filled in correctly. Simply enter the required fields in the contact information sheet such as your full name, mailing address and Social Security Number, and obtain a full set of fingerprints from any law enforcement agency near you or by seeking assistance from private companies that offer such services. In conclusion, send these completed forms to the address on the envelope provided by the record review packet. Requests are ideally processed within 15 working days. An audit of no arrest records will be handed over to you if were never arrested in the state.

For any inconsistencies spotted in your arrest record, accomplish the Review and Challenge of Arizona Criminal History Record Information form that came with the arrest record. Simply cite the specific mistaken entry and the reasons for challenging it in the form. This task must be accomplished within 35 days after receiving your criminal record. After the Department of Public Safety has been notified of this matter, they will send a response within 15 working days.

For generations, man has always strove for ways to make living less complicated. In the 21st century for example, several goods and services are now obtainable via the Internet. The same is true for public records. Just by searching a person’s name in the database of any records retrieval provider, one can be assured with faster turnaround times, and can therefore save heaps of money, effort and time.

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