Game-Changing Chiropractic Marketing Tactics with Social Networks

It’s clear that social marketing on MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook is the wave of the future for chiropractic marketing and garnering residual income, but what people don’t realize is that it’s tremendously important to market yourself correctly from the beginning. You need the right guidance to make sure you develop proper credibility within your community, and you need your guide to have experience. Don’t spend thousands to get off on the wrong foot, wasting time and precious energy. There are some secret rules that you must learn to correctly navigate the journey ahead.

Social media is an interesting phenomenon, in the fact that, it has spread like wildfire and permanently altered the landscape and dynamics of communication as we know it. A question that is asked frequently by chiropractors is, “Are social networks just for teenagers?” In short, the answer is a whopping no! Not sure where this misconception came from but many are still oblivious to the millions of middle and older aged folks plugged in daily. Did you know that employers are actually passing laws at work because employees are literally addicted to this style of communication? As a savvy business owner and entrepreneur, I knew the implications of this immediately so I took advantage and my life hasn’t been the same since.

The internet is a vast ocean that offers the means to a much easier life. Chiropractors need to update with the changing times, as outdated and expensive ways of marketing and crippling the profession. Online web 2.0 methods have shaken the traditional chiropractic marketing paradigms at their roots and there has never been an easier time to build a massive practice or establish multiple sources of income.

I show chiropractors how to leverage social media sites to get loads of highly targeted new patients walking into their office every month. The best part is, this is done without ever having to spend one cent on advertising! This is information your current consultant or practice management “guru” is dying to get his hands on because he’s clueless.

Barely anyone is using social networks to build their practice at the present time. The ones that are doing it successfully are the ones that I taught. They are utterly dominating the competition in the community and are able to reach people that would otherwise be untouchable with the do-not-call lists or with postcards, etc. On one of my profiles, I have in excess of 6,400 friends, 3,000 of which are members of my local community who I can communicate with via blogs and bulletins. I am the first and only consultant to leverage the power of social media and share these carefully guarded secrets with other struggling doctors and students.

I’m now established as the chiropractic expert in my community’s niche, and automatically receive countless referrals monthly. My reputation will endure just about anything, and my business practically runs itself. When people are looking for a chiropractor in my community, on Google they will come up with my profile, first and foremost. I have endless speaking engagements around the country, and that is due to the proven success of my program. I’m here to improve the lives of my students through the health and prosperity of their business.

Begin to brainstorm on what you want to be known for in your community and you can even start to create simple videos that will showcase your talents and let the people know that you are a real person. Keep the videos under five minutes, as people have a short attention span. Also, make them fun, interactive, and interesting so folks want to hear about your next adventure or health tip of the day. If you are unsure about how to create a video and the technical aspects, my video training course will bring you up to speed in no time.

Heck, you don’t even need a video camera at first, although if you want to be a major player you’ll get one. When I first began, I was doing tutorials with only screen capture software and it was yielding some pretty amazing results. A few of my videos went viral, which just means they spread like a virus. This is, again, free advertising and desperate docs that use pay-per-click on the search engines would kill for these results. Instead, they waste there money spending in upwards of one dollar per click while my videos are getting hundreds of views per day at no charge and allowing me to dominate Google. It’s time to own your greatness fellow chiropractor!

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