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All Austell, GA, residents are required by law to pay taxes. The is a requirement to be met by legal aliens and citizens alike. It does not matter whether or not you earned an income. What matters is that you are a registered taxpayer. The tax collected by the government is used to pay the police, teachers, military personnel federal employees and fund programs run by the government. Tax preparation Austell GA residents should know, may not be as easy as they think.

Today, technology has been harnessed and used in the tax preparation process. There are many tax software on the market, but some of them are unreliable. Since you do not want to take risks, you should consider hiring a CPA. However, if you have some basic knowledge of the tax code, you can try to do it yourself.

Only a certified public accountant is allowed by law to offer tax services. This is because they have the requisite training, experience, knowledge and expertise. They rarely make mistakes, and if they do, they are understandable. They are also aware of all the tax credits and deductions for which you qualify, so they can help you reduce your tax bill legally.

Whenever a taxpayer files tax returns that have errors, the IRS will have to carry out an audit to learn more about the financial position of the taxpayer. That said, nobody wants to have their accounts audited. Hiring a CPA to handle your taxes is a great way to avoid these audits.

When preparing your returns, the first thing that must be considered is the type of income you earn. Dividends, capital gains and interest income are usually withheld at the source and are subjected to the lowest tax rates. Employment income is usually subject to payroll tax, which is withheld by the employer. On the other hand, corporate income is subject to corporate tax, which is quite high in the US.

Taxes are normally calculated based on the adjusted gross income. This means that the gross income must first be determined before being adjusted. To do this, all allowances and benefits that you enjoy, like house allowance and health insurance will be added to your basic salary to determine the gross income.

To determine the total taxable income, all the tax deductions for which you qualify must first be subtracted to the adjusted gross income. For instance, if you had an energy-efficient air conditioner installed, the cost must be deducted. Once the applicable payroll tax rate has been applied, all tax credits are deducted to determine your tax bill.

There are many reasons why you should work with a professional. For one, they rarely make mistakes. Secondly, they have the time, knowledge, experience and resources needed to accurately prepare your tax. Thirdly, you may not have the time to do the job, hence the need to outsource. When hiring a CPA, you should pay attention to their license, experience and reputation before making a decision.

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