Hidden Nanny Cam’s are used by parents to monitor their kid’s.

Nowadays, many parents are considering using hidden in-home surveillance devices to watch how their child’s caregiver works in their absence. The Counter Spy Shops, an international retail chain, reports a 25% increase just over a span of past five years in the sales of these spy camcorders-often called as “nanny cams.” Hidden cameras or nanny cams are increasingly gaining popularity because of their proven effectiveness in identifying abusive nannies. With a nanny cam in place, parents know for sure how their children are actually being taken care of. These hidden cameras have helped many people catch abusive nannies who otherwise left unmonitored, would have continued to abuse or neglect the children.

Without a nanny cam in place, parents will probably never know for sure that their children are actually well taken care of by the nanny or babysitter hired for the purpose. Nanny cameras have helped several parents catch abusive nannies that otherwise would have continued to abuse or neglect their children. Nanny cameras are compact cameras that are concealable in household items like lamps, books, or even teddy bears. The teddy bear nanny cam is one of the most popular spy cams as teddy bears are popular among kids.

The spy cam is usually overlooked by the child and the care giver. The built-in camera sends superior quality images to the receiver. Parents can view the images using their TV or computer. Wireless nanny cams hidden in plants are ideal for homes and offices. An artificial plant cleverly conceals a wireless camera. The advantage of this type of camera is that it can be placed any where in your home to be used to monitor the children. Another interesting addition to collection of nanny cameras is the air purifier concealed nanny cam. The camera fixed in the air purifier is absolutely unnoticeable.

Most of these are however, wireless and can be hidden in almost any type of household item from a plant to a stuffed animal. Other added advantages and features include being compact to go undetected, recording in color, automatically adaptive mode for “night vision” and being waterproof. Other cams are automatically equipped for CCTV Software for USB CamEz-Setup, Motion Detect, Disk Store Email Send, FTP, and HTTP. Their simple plug and play setup lets you record on any VCR or a CCTV recorder for a maximum of up to 10 hours in one go using a 10 Hour VHS Tape.

At the other end of the spectrum of baby monitoring, is monitoring for the elderly. Despite the name “nanny cam”, this type of video surveillance equipment is obviously not restricted to recording the babysitter! Elderly parents are at risk too if they live alone with no one to help should they accidentally fall and can’t get to the phone. By installing a video streaming device at your parent’s home, you can also spot check your parents should they require assistance. As you can see, video monitoring equipment is not such a controversial issue when it is used in the proper context. When protecting your loved ones, it’s a great idea.

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