How LED Products Can Help Your Restaurant Or Bar

If you are getting ready to start a nightclub or bar or just want to improve the business you already have, why not use some cool LED products? There are thousands of amazing light-up products available, all of which are sure to generate interest in your business.

One fun option is to purchase LED drinkware from a site such as, which offers wholesale bulk pricing on its glasses and bar items. There are literally hundreds of different glasses to choose. You can find shot glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, pilsners, mugs, margarita glasses and much more.

Light-up LED ice cubes are another exciting option, and there are several different types available. You can purchase water-activated cubes or cubes with a tiny glow stick stuck inside them. There also are button-activated cubes with two flash settings or a steady-on option. All of these come in a multitude of colors and shapes, such as standard cubes or perhaps stars, golf ball or football shapes.

Every business needs a sign, and a neon or LED sign makes a huge impression. You can design your own custom sign or simply purchase a standard “open” sign or other pre-made bar sign. Neon signs can feature just about any design and, like LED signs, can be used both indoors and outdoors. LED menu boards are a fun idea. Menu boards can be written on again and again with fluorescent markers and will draw interest to your daily specials or events.

Light-up serving trays are a fun way to bring drinks and food to the tables. You can find these in a variety of colors, either blinking or with a steady glow. Imagine your patrons’ surprise when they are served wine or champagne in a light-up ice bucket. You also can place drinks on customized LED coasters, which feature your business name or any message you choose. There are many different colors of coasters available.

There are several other bar and restaurant novelties to consider. You can place light-up straws or swizzle sticks in your drinks. These are available in several single colors as well as a color-changing option. Light-up cocktail picks are a fun way to serve food, and you can open beer bottles with a light-up bottle opener.

Consider passing out LED novelties during a special event, such as a Super Bowl or Halloween event. There are blinking pins available in bulk with hundreds of themes, from patriotic 4th of July pins to sports pins to just about every holiday. Light-up necklaces or bracelets are another option. Bracelets can be customized with your business name or a special message. Necklaces are available in hundreds of styles and colors, including holiday-themed necklaces and light-up lei necklaces.

Katelynn Mochizuki enjoys writing and organizing events. For more info about LED products like LED blinking glasses, or to learn more other products like LED badges, please visit the LightGod site now.

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