How to Properly Pack and Lift

How to Properly Pack and Lift

Safety comes first—always. This is certainly the case when you are moving, whether it is to a new house or a new business office. In either scenario, you will be doing a lot of packing and a lot of lifting. It can be gruelling work, and you want to avoid damaging anything: this includes the items in the box and yourself. Improper lifting can cause back damage, which is the last thing you need in the middle of a move. So, in order to avoid incurring this damage, to you and your items, we would like to offer you a few tips to consider.
For starters, when you are packing, be sure to keep the boxes, and other clutter, out of the hallways. Instead, keep them in an open and predictable space. This will not only help you remember where to find things, it will also prevent you from tripping over stuff accidently. So, to avoid breaking your valuable—and your back—keep those hallways clear of clutter.

You will also want to make sure that you have everything you need before diving into packing mode. If you find yourself missing something essential halfway through the packing process, it will slow you down severely. Accordingly, consider having boxes and plastic containers, along with paper, foam and/or bubble wrap (for padding, which is another key way to avoid having your belongings broken); you will also need markers, tape and possibly labels (labelling is highly recommended, more for convenience than safety); lastly, for the bigger stuff, you may need trolleys or hand carts, so make sure you have the equipment you need to move the most difficult items from your premises.

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Pack those boxes tightly, always with adequate padding. You do not want stuff shifting around as you are moving a box. That being said, remember that you do have to move those boxes; this means that weight is something to take into consideration. Unless you plan on using a trolley, or something of the like, to lift a particular box, make sure that it is light enough for a person to carry safely and comfortably. You also do not want those boxes breaking and opening up. And on that note, remember to tape everything shut extra thoroughly. Do not rely on a couple short pieces of tape to hold those flaps together; cover every open seam and reinforce tape with more tape—within reason, of course.

Now, when you begin lifting the box, remember to keep it upright. After all, that is how you packed it, and you risk breaking or disorganizing something inside if you flip it over. When you go to lift the box, do not lift with your back. Bend your knees, get as close to the box as you can, and then lift as you stand up. Avoid twisting and other strenuous movements. You should also avoid lifting boxes any higher than your shoulders. Just keep caution in mind as you lift and set things down; it may seem easy to forget, but potential injuries have a tendency to sneak up and surprise you. So be ready for them. Pack smartly and lift smartly.

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