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A boutique refers to a small store in which stylish fashion items are sold. The items are usually specialized too. The term boutique is a French word, with the meaning of shop in the English language. The French language in turn derived the term from the Greek language. In Greek, the term means storehouse. It was until in the late 1960s that the term began to be used in everyday English.

The use of the term in everyday English started at a time when London was a fashion capital in the world. Some of the most fashionable stores in London were found on Kings Road and Carnaby Street. The specialty of boutiques is in selling exclusive garments together with accessories that go with them. Any Johnson City Boutique stocks the latest trends in fashion. Items are of high quality and the costs are very affordable.

Belts, purses, jewelry, caps, stoles, hair bands, watches, and foot ware are some of the items one can typically find in a boutique. Prices for the various items are usually exorbitantly high. Prices for items may be twice or thrice the price offered in other stores. That makes some people to opt for other options.

Customers are attended to by owners or employees in a boutique. Given the small nature of the business, boutiques have very few shop attendants. Customers are allowed to shop around the store to find what pleases them. As they shop around, an attendant may offer their help with finding the location of various items or giving advice and demonstrations.

Products in the store are usually arranged on shelves where they can be seen with ease. Also, it is common to see dummies dressed in garments and other items and place on display. This is a good strategy in this industry because people are usually attracted to what they see. When one sees an item that is well-fitting on a dummy, they are tempted to ask the price and possibly purchase it.

Unlike in supermarkets and shopping malls, items in boutiques do not have price tags attached to them. To know the price of various items, one needs to talk to the attendant in the store. Items are organized in a categorical manner. For example, there are sections where items for men, women, and children can be found. Product specialization is also practiced by some boutiques.

Specialization is a major characteristic of this business. Several areas of specialization are available to pick from. They include lingerie, t-shirts, tuxedos, vintage, handbags, watches, sunglasses, shoes, accessories, beachwear, and novelty items. Establishing a business like this needs a lot of initial capital. Most people use loans while others invest their own savings.

One should expect to make small profits or losses during the first few years or months of establishing the business while it is still picking up. One can expand the business by opening additional stores when the first one picks up. It is also possible to sell franchises if one has a strong brand.

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