Internet Marketing – 7 Critical Steps of the Buying Process

When you take the time to understand your visitors, the concerns they have, and how they wish to solve them, you are well on your way to having a successful marketing plan for your internet business. Even more important is understanding the various steps that your prospects go through before they actually buy from you. It’s the money from the sales that we all desire and this can help you get more of it.

This plan I’m going to reveal to you covers everything from the very first stages of your visitor’s thoughts all the way through checkout making sure you know how to create a seamless buying process for your future customers.

Step 1: Recognizing a want, a need or a problem.

The buying process always starts with the discovery of a need or want for something. Whether they have a problem and need a solution or it’s just a want, your customer will have to see a personal benefit in order for them to even consider being interested.

With all the many choices and other sites they have online today, they are in total control of what they want to buy and who they are going to buy it from.

As an online marketer, you need to create this desire for your prospects so they can relate to it. This will get them interested in getting more information about your offer and building a long-term relationship with you.

Step #2: Researching the Product

A potential customer is now searching to see what products are out there to fulfill their need and who’s offering them.

They are looking for product benefits, prices, and other options that best suit their individual needs.

This would be an opportune time to discuss what your product or service does and answer your prospects questions so you can direct them towards the right product for their particular situation.

Step 3: Refining and Evaluating.

Once a prospect completes their research, they then begin to narrow down their choices by weeding out the options that won’t work the best for them. They will examine the features and the businesses to make sure they know what they are buying and who they are buying it from.

Offering a bonus or incentive for buying the product from you. You can assure them that your company will provide them with great service if they even need any help. Any skepticism or lack of trust at this point can often turn your visitor away and they might go elsewhere.

Step 4: Reach Out.

This is one of the newer of the steps in the buying process. As easy as it is for people to interact with each other, your prospects are surfing the web and want to take full advantage of this new option.

They are going online and asking the opinions of others regarding their experience with a certain product, service or business before they ever make any purchase. The better reputation your product or company has out there, the more at ease your future customer will be.

Tests have determined that as much 78% of people who read online product reviews believe them over your own sales material or web site. This will either enhance your sale or eliminate it so make sure your company has a good reputation online.

Step 5: Resolution.

Your prospect has narrowed down their choice to a specific product or service. They decide what they are going to buy and who they are going to buy from. This doesn’t mean the deal is finalized though.

The customer is almost there but still needs to feel confident about the security of their purchase. Place logos on your purchase page that give you credibility and let the buyer know that his or her transaction is secure on your website. This can often increase sales.

Step 6: Purchase – The Order is Complete Now Give Me My Stuff

After evaluating all their options, your prospect has now decided to choose your company for their needs. They are no longer a prospect; they are your own personal customer now which is every entrepreneur’s favorite person.

To show your appreciation, the next page should be a “Thank You” page. Also, it is a good idea to send them an personal email confirmation for their order, thanking them again, and reassuring them of all the awesome benefits they’re about to receive as well as the support you offer.

Step 7: Reconsider – Did I Really Make the Right Decision?

The next phase can be critical becasue it is here that buyer’s remorse sets in. It’s when all your customer’s questions and concerns begin to surface. But all they really need is a little reassurance that they actually can get their money back if needed and that you will be there for good customer support.

This is when you show your customer that you really believe in your product by reviewing the benefits and offering a money-back guarantee. They see it as a positive; if you’re willing to risk the sale, then the product must be worth it. You can reassure them that you are there to help should any questions or concerns arise.

Be sure to review each step thoroughly so your visitor’s buying process is very easy for them. Make it enjoyable and they will return again and again!

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