Land Surveyors: Attributes and Functions

Land Surveyors: Attributes and Functions

These are the men and women who blend their love of escapades, their ardor for technological know-how, and their abilities in creating things along with their wish to pass on a permanent imprint are individuals of the continually growing realm of land evaluating. These are the professionals who precisely evaluate terrestrial distances, angles and points to make out boundaries of property ownerships for personal, governmental or industrial uses. They use their knowledge in geometry, law, physics, engineering and trigonometry to correctly calculate and assess the property they are surveying.

Currently, land assessing or surveying is one of the most crucial professions globally because they are the only professionals who are certified and licensed to make out and assess boundaries and restrictions of land properties. Additionally, land assessors or surveyors have vital roles in society, specifically in the construction and architectural history. These people played significant role not only in the design of present day structures, but they are also responsible of the magnificent and stunning architectural structures of the ancient civilization. Much more, they are the ones responsible for the design of the towering buildings and sky scrapers in the metropolis. Did you also know that the great personalities in Mount Rushmore were also surveyors? Yes, they are. Before Former Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington became presidents of the U.S., they practiced their profession and worked as surveyors. Are you aware of the fact that Geographic Information System (GIS) is nothing without land surveyors? Yes, indeed. The workers and technicians of GIS rely on the mapping data provided by land surveyors. It just shows that their work played an important role and greatly shaped our world. They survey markers they made has indeed contributed much to society. No matter how small the orange marker or survey markers they make, you need millions of it to get an accurate and precise measurement. These survey markers are needed in the creation of land maps and in the construction of variety of architectural edifices and structures such as roads, buildings and the likes. It just shows that no matter how small their survey markers are, they are needed in the creation of impressive and awesome structures, landscapes, cities and communities.

Positions that land assessors specialize include:

Photogrammetric evaluation

Photogrammetric assessors are the ones who worked inside the offices and who utilize advanced computer applications and art devices in measuring distances. They use photographic images of varied locations and positions to correctly assess and spot their distances, angles and points.

Perimeter Assessment

They are the type of land surveyors whose work focus on the study and reference of maps and boundaries. This type of work already evolved and existed several centuries ago.

Construction Inspection

They are the ones who collaborated with site engineers for the realization of any small-scale and major construction projects. These surveyors are the ones who ensure that the structure is constructed within the specific boundaries and soil type. Construction surveyors are considered the dynamic factor of any type of developments.

Hydrography assessment

These are surveyors who measures and identify the limits and depths of water landscapes like lakes, oceans and the likes. Geodesy not only involves surveying, but they measurements they derived from the assessments made by surveyors are needed for satellites.

You can also see land surveyors inside the court room. They are there to provide expert and professional views in crime and land-related cases. They are the ones who give adept depositions related to land boundaries.

Educational background of land surveyors

Even though a person only has high school education, he can already work as land surveyor by availing six-weeks training, field training and union apprenticeship. Nevertheless, most of the land surveyors are university graduates. Currently, we have lots of community and local colleges which provide short courses or 2 year complete land surveying program. Moreover, for those who intend to pursue their education to college, they can expect to receive more than average salaries. Moreover, they can also avail of the varied field of interests and they work in different management position as well.

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