Leaving Your Home in Perfect Condition and Some Advice on Moving

Leaving Your Home in Perfect Condition and Some Advice on Moving Home
Some people consider that moving to another home is one of the most stressful events in people’s lives. There are so many things to consider aside from packing and these are:

1. How to keep away packed boxes

2. How to organize your old home before leaving it

3. How to beat the time before the actual day of moving happens
But before we talk more about packing and keeping away things, let us first consider how we can leave our old home clean, organized, and still maintain its market value. Especially for those who are selling their home and now planning to move out, leaving your home dirty and in mess will definitely lower the value of your home. So, as an advice for moving home beforehand let us discuss some points to consider.

Just put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and visualize where you can place your things if the house is full of clutter. Will the buyer see conclude that your house should be sold cheaper than he has expected? These are only few of the things you should think about before leaving your old home. Actually you even have to put a fresh face to your home to give it more appeal. You can paint the walls; fix the cabinets, doors, fixtures, and so on. You can also clean the closets, brush the floors, Packers and Movers Ahmedabad getting the kitchen brightly clean, repair leaky faucets and faulty wiring and so on. In this manner, the buyer can have a comfortable and refreshing impression of your home and will not feel frustrated leaving your home devalued as a prime commodity.

Another thing is, think about your outdoor home appeal. It can also be frustrating for potential buyers if the outside appearance of your house is unattractive and discouraging to look at. So as a piece of advice for moving home, make everything outside your home in perfect condition. You can enhance your landscape; repair the driveway, clean the garage of clutter, and remove splattered oil or paint. Replacing damage pavements and many other things you can do to add appeal to the external feature of your home is also good.

Now that everything in your old home is neat and organized, let’s move on to planning the moving out. First, you have to make a checklist. This checklist will make you remember important dates and deadlines so that moving out becomes convenient. Let’s say 2 months before you move out, you can set a garage sale for items you do not need but are still considered in good condition. You also have to prepare your kid’s school records for their transfer and then contact your insurance company to notify them about your move.

Six weeks before moving out, you must choose a van or a rental truck which you could use for your baggage. Provide them the definite date. Some people who are moving into cities ask their doctors or attorneys to give referrals and request for transfer of necessary records. If you have pets, schedule them for check-up and ask for their records from their veterinarian. You may also need to set schedules with your real estate agents or landlords if you have one. Another significant advice for moving home is scheduling a home inspection for your new home because you don’t want to live in one that is not in great condition.

Then four weeks prior to moving, schedule disconnection dates with your utility company or notify them about your Packers and Movers Chandigarh transfer. If you have any subscriptions like magazines and such, notify them as well. One week before you move out, have your car serviced and close all necessary accounts like cable service. Finally, on your actual moving day, spend your whole day with the movers and carry small valuable things in your bag. Before the movers leave to your destination, make a final tour around the house to make sure nothing has been left out and then finally lock the doors and keep windows shut before leaving.

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