Main Complaints that TV distributors Encounter with Their Products

Engaging in TV distributors business enterprise can be extremely lucrative particularly if you’ve got a strong and trustworthy after-sales service reputation. This is exactly where most of electronic traders fail because they do not really strengthen their client service well after the customer has gone home and used their tvs, for instance. Oftentimes, problems do not arise within the 7 days immediately after a television is purchased, when this occurs, customers anxiously get in touch with the service center and generally do not get what exactly they require. For this reason, buyers should choose the kinds of TV distributors that they are dealing with and check to see with past customers if they truly uphold warranty agreements and change defective items very easily and immediately.

Warranty Problems

The majority of customers pay extra for long warranties that they don’t get to use and when they do, most of them find out that the issues with their tvs can’t be insured under warranty agreement. Distributors must explain it thoroughly with their clients particularly if they are dealing directly with consumers. Some distributors neglect the retailers and offer their items directly for sale with end-users. When this happens, they’ve got the duty to make certain that their customers are able to triumph over reputable warranty claims and will someway be directed to capable service centers if their issues aren’t covered by the agreement. Clients hate being left alone whenever something does not work out for their items.


Issues with costing are also encountered by television distributors. Distributors ought to naturally be able to provide inexpensive products compared to retailers and issues arise when they directly deal with the clients and avoid retailers. Often, they price their products similarly with retailers and obtain the ire of customers. An honest distributor will definitely offer cheaper costs and cheap deals specifically for those who are looking to resell their own products.

Packaging and Delivery

Televisions are costly pieces of electronics so naturally, clients want their purchases to be handled with care. However, if buyers purchase from online distributors and also their products are shipped, the goods are at risk for getting destroyed by shipping and delivery. Sometimes even though courier people mishandle the products, the TV distributors get most of the beating from disappointed buyers. This is why they need to insure all of the items whenever shipping them to their points of destination. Furthermore, customers are particularly compulsive with the way that their purchases are packaged. They will certainly make a complaint if they believe that their items weren’t properly readied for delivery and distributors should prevent this no matter what.

Oftentimes, even though problems arise because of third-party involvement, TV distributors still bear the brunt of giving excellent services and products to their customers. This is exactly why bad roads and undesirable delivery companies are not excuses to turn their own backs on customer complaints. Furthermore, when distributors directly sell to their clients, they become advocates for their customers and represent and assist them when they have issues with their units. A great after-sales service really goes a long way and this is why customers will always buy from similar distributors always.

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