Making Your Conference Bag Something People Will Actually Use

by Matthew Calvin

As a speaker is the most important part of an event, so is the conference bag. A conference is not complete without one of these bags. People who attend a conference expect a conference bag, so not to provide one would be a great disappointment. Successful companies invest a lot in these bags, and wisely so.

Many companies wonder why their conference bag ends up not being used. A lot of times it is because the company, although good intentionally, dates the bag to commemorate a date. This automatically dates and item, and keeps it from being used in future dates. This is the whole reason for promotional products.

If you want your bags to be used by the recipient even after the event is over, make sure that you resist printing the date on the bag. If you want these bags to be nothing more than commemorative items that can be used by the attendees only for the duration of the event, then by all means, put the date on the bags.

Although conference bags are free items given away, they should be bags that would be desired, and used. With your company’s name on the bag, unless you are a designer, people may not want to carry it everyday. For regular companies, there are key factors to make your bag truly used.

First, it must be perfect for the person’s style and lifestyle. Do not give out laptop bags to a group of mountaineers. The bag must be something that they can actually use, even just for the sake of practicality. Second, if it can be helped, do not put your company name and logo on the conference bag. Think of a way to attach the company to the bag, for example, with a detachable identification tag. This way, the one receiving the bag will have a choice as to whether he will use it or not. Lastly, make sure that the bag is in style. No one wants to carry a bag, particularly a conference bag that is out of style.

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