Moves Can be Trickier Than You Think

Moves Can be Trickier Than You Think

When you think about this a piano is a piano is a piano is a piano, right? Well, that paraphrase of Gertrude Stein notwithstanding, it really isn’t true. Consider the styles of pianos that have to be moved by piano movers.
They can range from:

* The Spinet – the smallest piano to be moved

* The Upright – the tallest vertical piano to be moved

* The Baby Grand – the type of piano with which we are most familiar and sits in the living rooms of many homes

* The Parlor Grand – the largest piano moved

In general, when your piano movers arrive they must know the size of the musical instrument to be moved. For Packers and Movers Ahmedabad , a spinet is usually about three feet tall and is about 58 inches wide (you’ll find that most pianos are 58 inches wide due to the harp that is included within the box and which creates the music) and your local movers have to know beforehand that they will be dealing with a relatively small, narrow (for a piano) instrument.

If the instrument is the classic upright, the tallest of all pianos, which can be from about four to five feet tall and will also be roughly 58 inches wide, then your piano movers will have to bring a different set of tools with them, as well as larger pads and larger dollies.

The baby grand, the piano that most people associate with homes, is very popular and is actually a smaller version of the standard grand piano. Baby grands, which require larger dollies that support three points, rather than just the rear end dollie to support the back (spinets and uprights tend to have vertical harps while baby grands use their harps lain on Packers and Movers Chandigarh sides). Denver piano movers have to have this information before they cannot only assign their transportation but also can schedule the move itself.

If you are moving a piano down corridors that have lots of traffic at certain times then moving the piano is not an option. However, if you plan to move the piano at the middle of the day when there is no one in the corridor or service elevators, then your piano movers will have a much easier time.

Finally, if you plan to move a full-sized or parlor grand piano, your Denver piano movers have to know that you will be move a Parlor Grand piano which are about six feet and are also known as parlor grand pianos.

A can easily handle any of these job, provided you let them know what they will be first. The piece of equipment they will need is the type dolly as the grand pianos rely on three legs and need a special dolly to be moved. Other than that it is a matter of scheduling as you cannot move pianos down crowded elevators or halls, especially at lunchtime or early in the day when corridors or elevators are often most heavily used.

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