Moving Your Office Computers

Moving Your Office Computers

Computers hold a lot of important data. If anything happened to this information, your business would probably be in a lot of trouble. So, needless to say, you want to take extra precaution when moving your computers and computer-related equipment. Accordingly, here are a few tips to keep in mind:
First, and probably most importantly, do not forget to backup all of your important files and programs. You can do this a number of ways. You can burn copies of any programs you use in case the original CDs or DVDs go missing in the move. You can also burn files as a mean of backing them up, although this is probably not the best way to store them. Flash drives work if you only need to store a few gigabytes. But if you have a lot to store, consider investing in an external hard drive. They can hold a lot and it is quick and easy to move files over to them (whereas CD/DVD burning is an agonizingly slow way to backup files). And lastly, if your office has a server that you can move files onto, consider moving some files on it—although keep in mind this will make them publically accessible, so consider which files can be safely transferred.

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Next, when you’re getting ready to move the computers, make sure they are properly shut down. When that’s done, carefully unplug all of the cables and peripheral devices. If you think there’s a chance you might forget what goes where when you have to plug everything back in (and assuming you don’t have a technical team doing all of this work for you anyway), label the cables or make notes on a separate sheet of paper. Roll up the cables properly and carefully. Also, if you have disconnected any printers, you should remove the ink or laser cartridge.

When you start packing the equipment, make sure everything, especially the computer, the monitor, and anything big like a printer, is packed very securely and with adequate padding. If you still have the original boxes, these are generally your best option—especially if they still have the form-fitted Styrofoam. If they don’t, find something else soft, like Styrofoam popcorn or bubble wrap, to tightly secure the computer. As for monitors, if the screen must be touching a surface, make sure it is a soft non-scratching one, like a blanket.

As for the smaller stuff, be careful with it as well. Again, the original packaging is your best option if you have it. Also, try to keep this stuff together, perhaps stored in the same larger box. It only takes one missing cable or peripheral to make a computer unusable (just try going without a keyboard), so make sure that, when you are unpacking this stuff on the other end, you can easily find everything you need to get your computers up and running again. After all, at the end of the day, computers are the lifeblood of the modern office. It is a good idea to treat them as such.

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