Nanny cameras have helped several parents catch abusive nannies.

Nowadays, many parents are considering using hidden in-home surveillance devices to watch how their child’s caregiver works in their absence. The Counter Spy Shops, an international retail chain, reports a 25% increase just over a span of past five years in the sales of these spy camcorders-often called as “nanny cams.” Hidden cameras or nanny cams are increasingly gaining popularity because of their proven effectiveness in identifying abusive nannies. With a nanny cam in place, parents know for sure how their children are actually being taken care of. These hidden cameras have helped many people catch abusive nannies who otherwise left unmonitored, would have continued to abuse or neglect the children.

You should not take the safety of your child lightly. Many camera systems used in these applications can be hidden in small objects such as teddy bears, computer speakers, plants and smoke detectors. These cameras are especially useful because they allow you to monitor your nanny’s behaviour without them being aware they are being monitored thus allowing there true colors to show. There are many different types of nanny cams available on the market and most are small and wireless so they can be tucked away without being noticed.

However, since the keeping of a nanny and trusting the child to her care is not merely a technical dealing but is based on mutual trust, love and respect, many people find the use of nanny cams as an act of deception, invasion of privacy and a waste of money. Also nanny cams pose a greater threat to home security particularly, if the agency is using camcorders, since the house lay out then, is open to public scrutiny. Over 30 different styles of pre-hidden nanny cameras are available in the market and one can choose according to the specific needs of taping time, budget and placing requirements.

If the prospect of video taping the nanny conflicts with your sense of ethics, ask up front in the interview process if the prospective candidate would mind being monitored. It is important to note that federal law prohibits the recording of audio so your nanny cam will not be equipped to record sound. Caregiver surveillance is more common nowadays so the question is not all that out of the blue. In fact, a lot of daycare centers offer internet video streaming so parents can check in on their child from time to time.

At the other end of the spectrum of baby monitoring, is monitoring for the elderly. Despite the name “nanny cam”, this type of video surveillance equipment is obviously not restricted to recording the babysitter! Elderly parents are at risk too if they live alone with no one to help should they accidentally fall and can’t get to the phone. By installing a video streaming device at your parent’s home, you can also spot check your parents should they require assistance. As you can see, video monitoring equipment is not such a controversial issue when it is used in the proper context. When protecting your loved ones, it’s a great idea.

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