Office Move Checklist – Office Moves Made Easier

Office Move Checklist – Office Moves Made Easier

With so much to do and with so little time, moving offices can often become a strenuous and challenging activity. Provided below is a checklist that can help make office moves much easier.
[] Identify everything that must be done

[] Create a complete working budget

[] Make internal company decisions

[] Area being considered

[] Type of building desired

[] Square feet needed

[] Budget limits

[] Utilize modular furniture?

[] Replace any case goods furniture?

[] Determine office sizes & who gets one

[] Make changes/upgrades to Packers and Movers Ahmedabad office systems

[] Telephone system

[] Computers and networking

[] Copiers/Printers/Fax machines. Postage meters, etc.

[] Establish requirements for archiving/warehousing (off site)

[] Hire a tenant rep broker

[] Hire an architect/interior designer

[] Create working floor plan drafts

[] Provide HVAC requirements for all equipment

[] Provide electrical requirements for all equipment

[] Decide on standard cabling outlet configuration (Voice and Data)

[] Select space

[] Negotiate lease terms

[] Negotiate work letter (TI allowance)

[] Sign lease

[] Give notice to old landlord

[] Hire Trades people

[] Cabling

[] Telephone system (replace it or move it)

[] Order new phone/data service (POTS, T-1, ISDN, DSL)

[] Network (upgrade it, back it up, prepare to move it)

[] Security system

[] Modular furniture (replace it or move it)

[] Furniture movers

[] Document destructors

[] New janitorial service

[] Plant watering service

[] Manage construction project

[] Hire General contractor

[] Hire Project manager?

[] Hire MEP engineer

[] Get drawings approved for permit

[] Obtain building permits

[] Change address & phone numbers

[] Order new stationery and business cards

[] Order new signs

[] Paint company vehicles

[] Change vehicle registration?

[] Change website to reflect new address/phone numbers

[] Revise advertising

[] Revise yellow pages listing

[] Notify post office

[] Throw away junk and archive old files

[] Warehouse un-needed equipment and files

[] Communicate

[] Memos to employees

[] Letter to customers

[] Notify bank and accountant

[] Notify insurance agent

[] Notify vendors and suppliers

[] Packing prep

[] Order and distribute boxes

[] Rent crates (if applicable)

[] Order and distribute packing materials

[] Order and distribute labels and markers

[] Provide clear instructions for packing

[] Determine who will pack filing cabinets, supply cabinets

[] Determine who will pack common areas (reception, pantry, library, etc.)

[] Make arrangements to have live plants moved

[] Make arrangements to move framed pictures and any special artwork

[] Move management prep

[] Take complete inventory

[] Document network log-ins, access, print spooling, etc.

[] Perform complete backup of network

[] Perform complete backup of telephone system

[] Document telephone extension, pooling groups, etc.

[] Select department coordinators

[] Create packing/labeling guidelines

[] Arrange to have PCs packed/moved

[] Determinate who will work on move weekend

[] Arrange for packing/moving of copiers

[] Arrange for disassembly/reassembly of modular furniture

[] Arrange to pack/move networking equipment and servers

[] Arrange to prep/move telephone system

[] Arrange for elevator access (both sites)

[] Schedule parking and unloading at new site

[] Obtain any special moving/parking permits

[] Determine building restrictions for move hours

[] Arrange for protection of floors, walls and elevators

[] Clean up/demo old site

[] Remove old cabling?

[] Arrange for special trash pickup

[] Perform final cleaning?

[] Update:

[] Service agreements

[] Business Packers and Movers Chandigarh Licenses

[] Insurance

[] Sales & Use certificates

[] Equipment leases

[] Mandatory HR postings
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