Pay-Per-View Showings & How Accounts Receivable Collections Would Play Out

For those who don’t know what accounts receivable collections are, allow me to give you a general overview. These are basically the actions done by collectors in order to receive payments from debtors for goods, whether physical or otherwise. Pay-per-view events seem to fall into the latter and with the prices they are set at, people expect good shows. Sometimes they aren’t worth it, though, which is where I can, at least fictitiously, see people hire on agencies in order to collect the money they put in.

In my experience, the shows paid for that did not always live up to their expectations would be the pay-per-view events that WWE has put down. I want to believe that, as a wrestling fan, I could be assured a premium-quality show for the premium price which it is set at. The problem is that the booking isn’t always coherent and some of the matchups wind up being so overwhelming that you could put them on TV and I wouldn’t notice the difference. Putting down upwards to sixty dollars for a show like this each month isn’t exactly feasible.

Pay-per-view is a big source when it comes to film as well and I believe that only a select number of movies truly deserve the prices which they go for in that field. However, what’s a good movie and what’s a bad movie will change from person to person. After all, it’s a matter of taste but what about those films which seem to be terrible across the board, no matter who you are? These are the ones which clearly don’t deserve the money they are set at.

It’s possible that people look to these shows and are actually foolish enough to put down money to watch them. This is not something that I would recommend, especially since I have done this a number of times and felt buyer’s remorse not long after the fact. It’s one of those aspects of life in which accounts receivable collections can come into play. With agencies such as R.R.S. doing their part, it comes as no surprise that good work can be conducted on the matter.

If I were part of the people paying money for shoddy shows and poor movies, I would be taking up accounts receivable collections as well. Why should these people be punished because they bought something that did not match their expectations, even though the price is usually indicative of that? Maybe you can argue that they should have done their research beforehand. However, it’s the responsibility of these companies to be fair with their prices and to say it’s always done would be something of a lie.

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