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by Tom Gee

You see it whenever you fill up your gas tank, the constant nagging reminder of how much the current state lottery is sitting at. Millions upon millions of dollars sitting, waiting for you to buy a ticket, waiting for you to fulfill your destiny by selecting the \”winning\” lottery tickets. This made me wonder about the secret life of a lottery ticket. How does our lottery in the states compare with how lotteries are played elsewhere in the world? I dove in to find out.

No matter where the lottery is in the world people are sure to have a system they use in choosing the number they believe will win them the money. They might think their system unique, but it is usually some version of numbers they can easily remember like their birthday, anniversary, or other significant dates that they believe will be lucky for them. In recent years many Americans have selected the numbers from the television show Lost. What reaction would there be if over 18 million people had to split the winning jackpot? The situation of millions of people choosing the same number did not exist in the UK where their lottery system differs from ours.

The Europeans have a much more modern and streamlined lottery system than we do. The biggest difference between the UKas National lottery and the lottery in America is that you can choose and play the lottery daily online in the UK. This enables them to easily track and replay the same numbers if they choose. It even enables them to check their numbers against the winning lotto results at the click of a mouse.

Why hasnat America joined the ranks of the Europeans in offering the lottery on the Internet? Perhaps it is because many citizens oppose the lottery seeing it as an evil entity from which the public is to be protected. Unfortunately, the monetary benefits the lottery offers to a lagging economy are kept at bay when this attitude prevails.

While the American dollar continues to decline in it’s value during this very difficult period the Euro continues to increase. Is this all because of the National Lottery? Of course not! However, if we were to think about implementing a national lottery that one could sign up for, play and track online, and just use pennies of those proceeds to fund fine arts programs, or even to reduce our national debt, how much better might our economy get?

The possibilities are endless when we consider ways in which we might implement a nation wide lottery website similar to the UK. Those opposed to the gambling aspect of the lottery and its harmful effects on those who cannot stop, might be interested in the benefits of an online system that can track and limit the amount of money any one individual can play. Such constraints are not possible with our current store purchase system.

America could have a National Lottery website that is governed by its citizens. Millions could become available by giving just pennies per ticket to causes we all support. This could be done without altering what individual states do with their lotteries.

So what can we learn from all this? One thing we know for sure, Europe is benefiting from its modernized online gaming. The UK is leaps and bounds ahead of the USA in offering a National Lottery, and for us, well we have a long way to go.

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