Prepare Yourself – Moving is Not an Easy Task and Doing it Properly is Very Important

Prepare Yourself – Moving is Not an Easy Task and Doing it Properly is Very Important

Congratulations on your Move!
This is a thrilling time in your life, a time of fond farewells and new beginnings. No matter how near or how far you are moving, careful and organized planning is the key to maintaining the excitement in your moving experience.

The United States is the most mobile society in the world. It is estimated that each year nearly 20 percent of the population relocates. Roughly speaking, forty million Americans moved in 2001. Approximately 800,000 of these moves can be contributed to job-related transfers. So don’t feel that you are alone. Whether you are moving locally or across the country, relocation is no simple matter. The adventure of the new can quickly lead to panic and anxiety H you are not prepared. You will love to move if you use this step-by-step guide to plan your move.

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Relocating is a huge task for a single individual and an immense challenge when the entire family is involved. The individual needs of each family member must be considered, liven if your move is a corporate relocation, almost everything but the heavy lifting, packing, and unpacking will be your responsibility. It can be a stressful and emotional time for all involved, and planning ahead is the only way to stay in control of the situation.

Moving is a physical process and a demanding one at that. Moving is also a state of mind. You can make the process go more smoothly if you develop the moving mind-set. What is this mind-set? It’s a positive attitude, recognition that challenges that you and your family can meet. When you develop the moving mind-set, you take the opportunity to celebrate change with friends and family, to embrace your new community, and to help your children (and yourself) cope with the moving blues.

The moving mind-set is also your commitment to staying on track from the beginning of the moving process until you are completely settled into your new community. This book will lead you through this process and not leave you dangling on any issues that may arise along the way.

Moving is a time of change, so why not celebrate the change with style? Here are some of my favorite tried-and-true ways to start a move off on a positive foot.

Celebrate this new milestone in your life with a party. Make a list of everyone you and your family members want to invite. Plan the party on a date when most people will be able to attend, and bold it well in advance of your moving date. Make sure children are included on the list, or plan a separate party for them and their friends. You may want to have a separate intimate dinner party or outdoor barbecue for really close friends.

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To better prepare youngsters for an upcoming move, photograph them at their favorite places, such as the playground, their best friend’s house, or McDonald’s. Ask your children to say good-bye lo these special spots and to their friends.

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