Promotional Mugs Make Perfect Marketing Tools

by Matthew Calvin

Coffee mugs serve a person daily. This fact alone makes promotional mugs a useful tool to a company. Brand recalling is the goal with marketing today. Every time a person grabs their coffee mug, they are subconsciously reading the logo. This will keep that brand at the forefront of someone’s mind. So if that person sees a product that you may sell, your name will come to mind first.

Items that are used daily are usually the best to use as promotional tools. Mugs are one of these items. What makes mugs more useful than other tools, is that people do not throw away mugs. If they are attractive, people will want to use them everyday, and keep them close. If you create a mug that is eye catching, people will not help looking at it. This will create brand awareness, wherever the mug is seen.

Matching the design of the mug with the image your company wishes to promote is a good idea. For example, if your company is related to the fine arts, choose a mug that is artistically designed. If you are in the technology business, something sleek and shiny would be better suited for you.

It is equally important is to select an attractive message to imprint on the mug. You must choose meaningful and informative text to print on the mug; for example, a famous quote along with your website address and logo. You have to struggle less, if your brand name is quite famous. In that case, only a logo impression would do all the work.

Distribute your promotional mugs as often as possible. Give them as rewards to your employees, or to commemorate and event or launch of a product. If you choose the best mug for the occasion, you will reap the rewards.

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