Qualities That A Personal Tutor Should Exhibit

American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and writer Mark van Doren once said that “the art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” True enough, every teacher is ought to be a nurturer of ideas. Each must be brave enough to accept even the silliest, most unusual thoughts of their students. Who knows, maybe that seemingly absurd thinker is the next Einstein or Newton.

It is necessary to distinguish good nurturers from bad ones, nonetheless. Teachers are marked with traits that definitely allow them to stand out. This also holds true for tutors. The qualities that separate effective teachers and tutors from ineffective ones are the following:


Teachers and tutors must be creative. They are not bound by the traditional teachings. They are rather ready to practice unconventional teaching methods when needed.

A good teacher is marked by his determination to excel not only in his field of specialization, but also in the field where he finds challenging. It’s not necessary for him to be always right. He encourages oppositions too as long as subject matter calls for an insightful debate.

A Lifelong Learner

A good teacher knows that not all lessons in life can be taught. Experiences often serve more effective in teaching life lessons. A good teacher therefore is not afraid to fail for he knows that with failure comes learning and with learning, understanding flows. After all, failure can enrich wisdom and nurture personal development once handled well.

A Great Moderator

A good teacher is gentle yet firm, conscientious yet always ready to listen. He is also patient and determined to bring out not only the best in him but also the best in his every student. He is quick to reply, but slow to judge.

Effective teachers don’t merely tell; they explain. They do not only demonstrate, but they inspire as well.

Some say hiring personal tutors is costly, but bad school teachers cost more. It is thus important to select teachers and tutors who are willing to give more than what the students are bargaining for.

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