Railings and Balustrades: Wooden Railings for an Elegant and Stylish Home

At one time, balustrade and railing systems were frequently fashioned using terracotta. Not surprisingly, then, the goal of many terra cotta renovation projects is to restore these elements to optimal condition. Terracotta railings and balustrades systems can be assembled in a number of different ways, which can make terracotta restoration extremely complex or relatively straightforward. This article outlines some of these configurations and the corresponding terra cotta renovation method for each.

Balustrade Systems- Like balustrade systems crafted from modern materials, those made from architectural terracotta are comprised of balusters or spindles, the top rail or coping, the base rail or plinth, and several piers. The main difference is that terracotta balustrade usually consists of many different segments. The following description of a terra cotta balustrade system represents a typical configuration. Each individual baluster is a two-piece unit, and the railings are composed of many short pieces attached with steel pins and mortar. In addition, the top rail of the balustrade is supported by a steel bar and anchored inside the terra cotta piers. Terracotta restoration for this type of balustrade system involves producing single-piece balusters and rails composed of 12 to 14-feet units instead of many tiny segments.

Wood made Railings – The various advantages- Listed below are the various benefits and merits of installing these kind of railings particularly inside your home. Wood always portrays an elegant look and feel. Therefore having wooden products and items inside your home can add to the elegance value and visual appeal of your home. Wood is considered a high maintenance material and thus believed to be an expense for those who use it. This however is not true especially for wood balustrades used indoors. All you need to do is that during installation, polish the wood well and add lacquer to it and you will not have to face any maintenance issues. The durability and long lasting nature of wood acts as an important factor in construction related work. The durability of wood makes it last for a long time and this makes it a prime choice for wood balusters. A good railing idea,The sight of a the railing with its broad top almost always encourages children to slide down the palings rather than climb down the staircase. Even adults know the thrill of sliding down the balustrade and sometimes for fun or due to nostalgia or to merely avoid the trouble of taking the steps, adults too enjoy a slide down the rail.

Wooden Porch – A wide choice: The various types of wood such as Burma Teak, Cherry, Beech, Maple, Poplar, Red Oak, Mahogany, White Oak, Walnut, Cedar, Ash and Yellow Pine are good to utilize in the manufacture of wooden palings, newel posts and balusters. Modern technological advancements like CAD, CNC machine as well as the traditional hand artistry is used by manufacturers to make rails, balusters and newels of any type and design you can imagine.

Working with an interior designer or landscaper can help you plan your project. They may be able to give you advice about an installer that has experience working with this material and who can make sure that your project has the strength and beauty you are looking for.

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