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Oh…to be back in simpler times. When every tree was green, flowers bloomed on every corner and buyers walked through my doors with no worries about the new housing market casting a shadow on their real estate transaction. Alright, that’s an obvious exaggeration. I won’t bother denying it, but whether you’re IN real estate or just buying/selling a piece of real estate, we’re all aware of the myriad changes that have occurred in the last several years. And we’re all aware that the changing isn’t over. But this doesn’t stop (lucky for those of us that call ourselves real estate agents) those in need of a new home from considering their options. And there are definitely MANY options when it comes to new home purchasing. It is, of course, the first question that has to be answered when a new client walks through the door: are you looking for resale or new?

Clients looking to buy new face a very long and involved list of further questions in order to ascertain just what direction we should take in our search. The Valley is currently filled with new home builders with available inventory at great prices. But price isn’t the only discussion we need to have with new clients. Almost before we talk about price we have to talk about location. Is there an area they refuse to live in? Is there an area they insist upon? Have they even considered it? If they haven’t…it’s your job to make them. Good luck.

Once you’ve encouraged your client to designate a specific (or general, whatever you can get) location, I suggest asking if they have a builder preference. Many consumers are more aware than they realize when it comes to the variety of available builders in the Valley and their basic building philosophies. Give them a chance to realize it and they might give you a couple names that they’d prefer to work with, but no matter if they give you specific builder names or not you move on to the next step which is designating their minimum housing requirements. How much square footage do they require? How many bedrooms/bathrooms? What type of landscaping? How involved would they like their HOA to be? And any other questions that may apply to your client’s new home purchase.

Recent market changes have left builders looking for ways to attract buyers and almost all of them are taking advantage of the one marketing tool that is guaranteed to get some buying attention: promotions and special pricing. So you have to be very aware of all the options out there in order to get your client the best when it comes to their new home purchase. You need to know which builders offer the most fabulous standard options, which builders are known for long term satisfaction, which builders have the most resident friendly HOA’s, etc. There’s a lot of info out there for you to provide to your clients.

Not only are you responsible for knowing all the specifics of the housing from each builder, but you need to be able to provide thorough info on the community amenities. Some communities are built around the focal point of the desert with desert landscaping and nature trails. Others offer a variety of parks with kid friendly play equipment. Others will offer luxurious clubhouses with pools and spas and even movie rooms. Know what they’re expecting in a new home community so you don’t start off as a disappointment.

For example you might have a client looking for a low/no maintenance property with easy access to the urban areas and private community fine dining in addition to the resident accessible spa and clubhouse. The next client might be expecting to have access to a low HOA fee, multi-purpose greenbelts and a highly rated elementary school within the residential community boundaries. Know exactly what their perfect community is and you’ll have a chance of finding it for them!

So what about those clients that seem so wide open to any and all possibilities that they make it impossible to find what they want? What about those clients that you’ve spent months working with and while they are right on the edge of the buying precipice, they just can’t quite decide exactly what they want? What do you do when you are positive that your client (that you’ve spent countless days working with) decides to visit a community on their own? In the old days you couldn’t do anything. But real estate agents that are still in the game now have a remarkable advantage when it comes to selling new homes. is a revolutionary concept that allows real estate agents to “register” their clients online. The process takes two minutes. The two minute investment results in your client being registered AS YOUR CLIENT with ALL participating builders so that no matter you don’t lose your commission to a client’s whim due to the traditional “first visit” rule that requires agents to be WITH their clients on their first visit to the new home community.

If I had access to this type of system years ago I’d be a richer man today. But I try not to think about it; lost commissions in years past are just that…in the past! But thanks to I no longer have to awake from nightmares of clients visiting new home communities without me. protects me from fly by the seat of their pants clients and the traditional “agents must accompany their client on the first visit” rule traditional in the new home building industry.

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