Safety Improves With Mining Equipment Upgrades

New Range Of Cable Sealing Systems

Over 500 wire sealing systems and wall inserts will be installed as an element of the redevelopment of the $2.6 bn. Perth waterfront project now being built.

Wire and pipe sealing products have been stated by mining engineering experts and will definitely be installed to maintain the integrity of wire sealing and protect the pit and duct system from potential water damage.

Not only will the system provide glorious sealing properties, the Wire Sealing range is flexible and easily installed in formwork-mounted concrete.

Safety Cupboards For Paints And Dissolving agents

Safety cabinets can be gotten in a range suitable for the storage of dangerous substances such as paints and dissolving solutions.

These drawers feature a ventilated design, locking function and a collection tank for leaks. Painted yellow, the cupboards also carry symbols that would indicate to employees and firefighters about the presence of the unsafe substances stored within.

These cupboards do not have fire protection features and do not go along with categorical rules. The drawers have been designed for the sole purpose of helping to better manage the storage of certain perilous substances.

Retracting Dock Obstructions

Appropriate for doors with openings up to 3,000mm, retractable dock obstacles are designed to help forestall dockworkers from falling off a loading dock.

This high visibility yellow dock obstruction replaces the signal function of the dock door opening and closing when the facility operates with the loading dock doors open.

“This means an incredible increase in safety for dockworkers wherever this equipment is installed and functioning correctly,” said Mal Crowley from Engineering Unlimited in Tanworth.

“Lives will undoubtedly be saved.”

It features a high strength durable nylon strap that's retractable to keep clear of door openings when not in use, and when supplied with an optional proximity sensor, it can be incorporated with the smart chock and safety signal dock comms systems from materials handling, or used as a stand-alone unit.

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