Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Best Features: Superior Technology Unrivalled

Sebo Vacuum Cleaners Best Features: Superior Technology Unrivalled

Sebo vacuum cleaners are developed and manufactured in Germany, and Sebo have over the years built up quite a reputation for making very high quality vacuums. They are certainly one of the only vacuum producers with an engineering background.
Sebo also produce the finest commercial vacuum at their factory, and this same engineering and progressive technology is used in their residential vacuums for use in your home.

Sebo vacuum cleaners are extremely popular. At this moment, especially the Sebo Automatic X vacuums and the Sebo Felix Vacuum cleaners, Here are the fundamental reasons why.

Importantly, filtration in a Sebo vacuum system provides a sealed path, because as the air moves from the bottom all the way to its final position, which is the vacuum exhaust filter that emits the remainder of the clean air. The three steps include the vacuum top fill, which is three and four layer bags which are installed.

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A limited amount of dust particles escape from the Sebo vacuums three layer bag, and these tiny particles are easily captured by the very effective micro filters. Next there is the hospital grade S-Class micro filters which are made up from electrostatic charged micro-fibre fabric, which draws in and traps the smallest of dust particles from the fast air flow in the vacuum.

In order for S-Class standard, this requires filters to absorb in excess of 99.96% of all dust particles that are 0.3 microns in size. Also they have a comparatively open texture that allows for a more smooth airflow for better suction ability, and longer lasting life expectancy of the filter. The last step in Sebo’s filtration operation is the vacuum cleaners exhaust filter, that cleans the air and expels it out by the vacuum motor leaving only fresh filtrated and hygienic air.

Upright Sebo vacuums use the ‘Kevlar’ woven geared belt on the Automatic X range, which is guaranteed not to slip or wear out, and is a very advanced unit of engineering. The unique timing belt literally drives the vacuum brush roll and includes clutch protection. Sebo also use the bypass system instead of the fan first system, as this way the air is virtually clean by the time it reaches through the fan and the vacuums motor.

Particles and carbon from the Sebo motor are removed by the vacuums exhaust filter which results in very clean air and a fresher room. Sebo vacuums are sealed to a very high standards and are tested thoroughly. Vacuum body seals and seams used in the production process make for a very tightly sealed vacuum cleaner, which stops bad air from escaping and improves filtration and air flow in the entire system.

Sebo X range and Automatic X vacuum cleaners are built to last for years as the main body materials in their vacuums are commercial quality made from durable ABS plastic. Sebo vacuum motor and fan construction is produced with a turbine influenced motor and metal fan construction. This creates some of the lowest noise output levels of any fan inside most vacuum cleaners that are sold today.

Sebo dust bags are very safe, hygienic, greatly improve filtration, give you high suction ability and produce excellent vacuuming results in your home. Sebo vacuum bags ensure continuous high suction ability because the dirt/dust comes in from the top area and deposits this at the bottom. It quickly accumulates upwards and air escapes through the sides, which ensures unobstructed fast airflow as it fills to it’s capacity.

Furthermore you will find that all Sebo vacuum dust bags are large capacity in comparison to other vacuum manufacturers, and hold around 10 times the vacuum cleaners dust volume, when compared to the debris capacity of dirt containers found on other vacuum cleaners on the market. Changing Sebo bags is a quick and easy process, also there is a type of sealing cap which covers the opening, and keeps dust sealed inside for safety.

Sebo vacuum power heads are well known as the most dependable and best made on the market today. They are relatively maintenance free and feature alert systems with an automatic shut down ability, designed to protect the vacuum and keep optimum cleaning ability. Brush roller removal is quick and it can be cleaned or replaced if the bristles are worn away, ensuring consistently effective brush cleaning features. Sebo also offer electronic vacuum overload protection that extends the vacuum belt life by closing down power if the system clogs.

If you have cats or dogs, then the Sebo vacuum power heads are best at removing pet hair from carpets and fabrics. Power and suction in all Sebo vacuums are a result of the excellent highly sealed system, that provides you with exceptionally high speed suction for vacuuming. The air movement is adapted to flow from a larger area to a smaller one as it exits the vacuum to the hose, which increases the overall vacuum suction power.

Sebo are a company that have always taken the environment seriously into consideration when producing their quality vacuums. All plastic is recycled into new vacuum parts and the their factory uses it’s combined heat and power system to output the power to run the machinery that make their vacuums. Offices and warehouse are heated by using warm air and water that is produced by their own on site generators.

Sebo make sure that all their vacuum cleaners are packed into the smallest possible boxes, so that the maximum number of vacuums can fit on one pallet. No space or energy is wasted with Sebo. Most of their packaging is produced from recycled cardboard. Any waste paper from the offices is shredded and recycled for packing all products that they sell. Pure rainwater is collected from the factory and office roofs, which is then filtered and used in the vacuum factory areas, plus the factory washrooms, toilets and cooling appliances.

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Customers are always thought about first. Sebo vacuum cleaners are user friendly utilising bumper strips to protect walls and furniture. The Sebo X series vacuums and Automatic X vacuum cleaners are very good for pet hair pick up and are easy to operate, and are lightweight machines with good manoeuvrability in the home. They clean very well on all home surfaces and carpet pile sizes or hardwood/tiled floors.

The trendy Sebo Felix vacuum cleaner is very nimble and easy to handle, with the 180 degrees swivel neck joint for improved navigation, plus it’s low 6.5 inch clearing which allows you to clean underneath furniture, beds and tables.

The Sebo Automatic X Series has a 6 inches low profile to vacuum under beds, an automatic height adjustment function, and automatic safety shut down feature in the case of a full dust bag, or if the brush roll is accidentally clogged. The Sebo wand and hose are very convenient and easy to control. Sebo vacuums often give a 5 year guarantee on the parts and labour.

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