Send Great Housewarming Gifts

Send Great Housewarming Gifts

Buying a new home or condo is a monumental event for the new homeowner. So if you have a friend or family member who just made the big leap into homeownership, then consider sending a great housewarming gift to help them celebrate!
Sending a housewarming gift is appropriate if you do not live nearby and cannot attend their housewarming party. Or if you are unable to attend the housewarming party but would still like to send a little celebratory present, then a fun surprise in the mail delivered to their brand new address would be totally appreciated! If you are sending the housewarming gift on the sly as a surprise gift, then consider finding out their new address from a close friend or relative, so they won’t expect anything.

Send Yummy Treats!

A housewarming gift basket can be the perfect gift to have delivered! There are so many different gift basket themes that you are sure to find one to match the personality of the new homeowner. A fun breakfast-in-bed gift basket can be perfect gift for a young couple celebrating their new home together. Or a healthy and organic gift basket might be great for a young family with small children. There are even gift baskets that include all the ingredients to make a delicious meal, like a pizza or pasta dish, which would be perfect for new homeowners who have yet to unpack their cooking gear.

Send New Magazine Subscriptions!

A new magazine subscription can be an inexpensive and creative way to stay congrats on a new home purchase. When choosing a Packers and Movers Jaipur magazine, consider the interests of the new homeowners. Are they considering some major remodeling for their new place? Then maybe a home design magazine would be perfect! Or if they are really into style and finding the perfect house decor, then a home decorating magazine could be a lovely housewarming gift idea. Or if the new homeowners love to cook, then a gourmet cooking magazine could be a special treat that they will look forward to each month, and perhaps if you are lucky, they will invite you over for a gourmet dinner in their new home!

Send Them Gift Certificates!

If the new homeowners have moved into a new city and have yet to try any new restaurants then consider doing some research and finding the best restaurant in town and getting them a gift certificate. This will give them an excuse to get out of the house and explore their new neighborhood. Moving can be a very stressful event and receiving a gift certificate can be just the push they need to take a little break and enjoy their new scenery.

Send Some Bubbly!

What better way to celebrate buying a new home than with a nice bottle of bubbly? If you know their move-in date, then how about surprising them with a bottle of champagne! They can chill the bottle while unpacking and will have a fun treat to look forward to at the end of the (long) day! Or if your friends are not champagne drinkers, then a nice bottle of wine to celebrate can be equally sweet.

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