Sizing The Market For Online Business Opportunities

When you get a business going you have some great idea about how this product or service you have is going to improve everything and make you a million dollars. What you don’t realize that your customers may not want or need your product at all.

So many business owners fall into this trap where they feel that they are going nowhere and they become so frustrated because they don’t understand what the consumer wants. Then they feel even worse because now they don’t know where they can go to next.

What you need to do is listen to your market and simply ask them what it is that they want that they are not getting from other producers out there. When you do this you are going to know exactly what people are looking for and you will be able to answer the bell.

One of the first areas that you can look at is a book shelf. There are often many books on sale for your industry at local book stores or book store chains like Barnes and Noble, Borders, or whatever you choose. You want to see if there is at least a book shelf worth of books instead of a couple because that will show that the topic sells.

The next step won’t require you to leave your home, but instead sit down to your computer and go type your phrase in Google with the parenthesis around it. You want to do this to figure out how many competing pages you have with that keyword in it. If you see under 100,000 competing pages then you are in a good situation.

Also you want to check without parenthesis to see how many sponsored links exist. If you have more than ten you are probably doing well with that keyword because that means others have realized there is potential with that keyword and it is worth going after.

Finally go and check the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out how many people are searching for your keyword monthly. This is the most accurate tool you have for online marketing because they get the most traffic and they know exactly what they are getting. Check the average search volume with the exact phrase option and you want to make sure that you are getting at least 100,000 count on your average search result.

This is going to be good if you have an online business opportunity and it will tell if you are going in the right direction. This way you will never have to worry about your business direction.

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