Some of the Various uses of solar energy

Solar energy has long been in use in 1 way or the other. In Roman Empire, houses were built in a way that windows would face south. This was to keep the water within house hot using solar energy. Thereafter, glass window was uses to capture the daylight and warm the house. Now, solar energy has many uses. We employ it for heating swimming pools, powering houses and charging diverse electric appliances including electric automobiles.

Passive solar is only one type of solar energy use where direct gain from solar energy is made somehow. So as to gain direct, indirect and isolated energy thru daylight, certain materials get employed. A passive housecan use any method including choice of colours for tiles and proper construction material and structure. Even a single tree growing at the right place can help in attaining better usage of daylight. The tree will block the sunlight in summer even though it will make allowances for daylight in winter.

The solar water heaters also use solar energy to heat the water. They've been in use since long. Nevertheless their acceptance has grown by miles in the latest decade. The solar equipment is gone inexpensive making it easy for everybody to use solar water heaters.

Solar pool heaters are also common thing since long. One can keep the water warm inside pools by using the solar energy. A solar pool cover or a water heater will accomplish the job. The modern solar pool covers and water heaters are highly efficient leaving only a little to be desired.

Solar ovens trap sunlight because of the material used on their top. They then heat anything that is within. Nevertheless solar ovens are still emergency readiness and nothing like a regular kitchen appliance. But the way solar technology has been moving, there isn't any doubt that all the appliances from TELEVISION to ovens will be using solar energy in coming days.

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