Steel Glass Balustrades: Stainless Steel Staircases and Balustrades For Self Build

Balustrades are those columns used to support the handrails found on balconies and stairways. Various materials can be used in the construction of a balustrade such as wood, stone, metal, and glass. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of using glass balustrades and the components involved in their installation.

Balustrade made using stainless steel wire will give your home the support that it needs. This is because it is a strong material, and can also be incorporated with other solid materials such as concrete and wood that is, if you want to stretch your creativity when you are balustrading by yourself. The finished balustrade will look absolutely amazing when employed in porches, staircases, terraces and balconies. The balustrades are made up of a series of stainless steel wire railings which you can easily connect to the handrails. The great thing about balustrading by yourself is that you get to stretch your creativity and imagination to elastic limits.

Yes, you can design your wire balustrade to suit your very own specifications or to just blend with the overall design of your home and or office. You can make them look futuristic or make them look more traditional; as long as it suits your personal taste and style. The malleability it offers makes your balustrading project compatible with a variety of architectural designs; and mentioned earlier, you can form them to any shape you want.

Finishing Wood- There are a number of products on sale for finishing wood, many of which are suitable. Varnish has been popular for many years now, but do think about alternative products, such as wax oil which give a beautiful finish. The Tread- In years gone by, the closed tread was the norm in private houses. Open tread stairs are now gaining impetus, though. Again, this gives a more open and spacious feel to the hall. Stepping Up- In relation to the steps themselves, sometimes it is worthwhile to think about use rubber grips on the treads. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it is a practical means of stopping nasty falls. Run these out to just shy of the outer edge of the tread.

When the Stairs Arrive- Check everything’s there, if your joiner is fitting the stairs. Also make sure that the glass is polished properly, and no deep marks are visible. In my own house, I had to send back the glass as it wasn’t properly polished: it wasted an entire morning of my joiner’s time! So Many Choices! Open tread, closed tread. Closed string, cut string. Square nosing, round nosing. Wood, steel, glass. Wooden spindles for balustrades, or glass. Hopefully we will have given you some pointers in the above thoughts, and suggest you keep Stainless steel glass balustrades and stainless staircases in mind.

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