The Basics Of Singapore Company Formation

Are you planning to put-up a business but you do not know where just yet? Well, if you are dead serious about this, then you should try to consider putting in up in Singapore of Asia – Singapore. Being a highly developed city, the Lion City has one of the most progressive and affluent economies all over the globe. In fact, if carefully planned, starting up a business here is almost a success ensured.

You may actually think that with the way the Lion City is, starting a corporation here is hard. However, the case is quite the opposite as Company Registration Singapore is pretty easy, given that you have everything that you need. Here’s a quick guide on the documents for singapore company incorporation:

1. Corporate Name. The purpose of the name is to identify your business. The name should not be the same or similar to any business enterprise name already registered in the Lion City.

2. Shareholders. The total number of shareholders could be a number in between 1 and 50 as per requirements of the Singaporean law.

3. Paid-up Capital. Minimum amount is $1 which could be increased in time.

4. Business Enterprise Address. Indicate the exact location of the business institution, which must be in Singapore.

If you already have completed the requirements mentioned, then you’re ready to register your new business in Singapore. The process of company registration will only take up only 2 days, if the requirements are complete. The process of Singapore company registration is entirely computerised which facilitates the procedure. For example, it’s easy to check for duplicate business enterprise names because the information is already computerised.

After the approval of your company registration, you’ll be notified via email correspondence. Afterwards, you’ll receive the file called the articles of incorporation which is a confirmation that your business is truly registered in Singapore. That is the last step of the company registration. After the completion of the following steps, you may start your business operations already.

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