The Best Online MBA Program For You

The best online MBA program is a personal choice, because you absolutely must match your career intentions and objectives with the specialization and expertise of the school.

Here’s a simple 6 step checklist to find out which program is the best online MBA program for you and your desires.

1. Choose an MBA school that is accredited.

Picking an accredited MBA school ensures you are getting a valuable education that covers everything you need to know. It also tells current and future employers that you have the proper training they are looking for. Failing to pick an accredited school may also suggest you lack proper judgement.

2. Match up the school that fits your situation and needs.

Currently, over 72% of MBA students work 40 hours per week. That means the average MBA student cannot attend classes during work hours, and having an online MBA program that accomodates that, and lets you work and still have time with your family will become an important factor in your level of happiness once you are enrolled in the MBA program.

3. Teacher To Student Ratio

If you have ever been in a rich learning environment, you might have noticed the class sizes range between 7 and 16 students. This is called the class ratio, and when classes are small like this, it allows students to ask questions and get rich answers, and to have meaningful exchanges with the teachers. Usually a school that maintains good ratios will also have excellent advisors, who can help ensure your personal success in the MBA program.

4. Thought Leaders

This means you have one or more teachers who are well known in their area of specialization – leaders who are impacting business in a major way. Usually, these individuals also have passion, and teach in a way that leaves a permanent impact on their students. These professors often maintain lifetime contact with their former students, and provide a powerful sounding board for times when you need it.

The method of teaching is another important thing to factor in. Not all programs use case-based learning, and not all use innovative online technology – key factors when you are doing your MBA online.

5. Alumni Programs

If an MBA school has resources to let their graduates network, get resumes polished, or practice interviewing skills, then you have a school that is providing valuable benefits in addition to the class time. Online communities, as well as the ability to connect with other students online are important things that will ensure you get the most out of your MBA experience.

6. Career Advancement Services

Another useful factor in choosing your MBA program is the help they offer with getting your next job. Since most graduates quit or get fired, it can be very helpful to have a resource that will help you make that next move.

Career assistance can help you with more than just resume writing. They can also help with interview preparation and practice in role playing. You might want to consider the career services when making that final short list of potential online MBA schools.

The better online MBA programs also let you attend follow-up lectures and courses after you graduate – so if you ever need to brush up on something, you can.

One last thought. Since an MBA can often increase your annual income by as much as 50%, don’t you think you should carefully consider all the important facts about the online MBA schools before you jump in with both feet?

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